60 Hrs Real Estate Virtual Assistance + Single Dialer


Service Includes:

  • Cold Calling

  • Appointment Setting



  • Property Research

  • Lead Management

  • CRM Management

  • Pulling Out Lists

  • Run Comparable Market Analysis

  • Calculate After Repair Value

  • Calculate Maximum Allowable Offer

  • Transaction Coordination

  • Navigate County Tax Record


  • VOIP Service (for follow up)

Project Description:

A total of 60 hrs of COLD CALLING, LEAD MANAGEMENT via GOOGLE DOCUMENTS SPREADSHEET and using company owned MOJO TRIPLE DIALER. This service will be served for 2 weeks, 30 hrs per week/6 hrs a day, Monday to Friday or 3 weeks, 20 hrs per week/4 hrs a day, from Monday to Friday. Follow ups will be done on VA's schedule and HOT and WARM leads will be sent on preferred communication tool or will be put on the spreadsheet or client owned CRM. We will be using a number with your preferred local area code as a caller ID or we can use your own number for the caller ID, but for this choice, the callbacks will go to your phone so the VA cannot do the follow up anymore. Additional hours inside the month will be billed  $6/hr in weekly payments moving forward.

Project Timeline

  • 30 hrs a week for 2 weeks


  • 20 hrs a week for 3 weeks

Tools  We Provide

  • Mojo Single Dialer (can dial 50 - 80 numbers an hour)

  • Voip


Full payment is required before starting for us to ready the power dialer.

Tools Client Needs To Provide

  • Skiptraced Contact Lists

  • CRM (optional)

  • Area code

  • Email Address for Mojo Account

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