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3 Heads Tier 2 Customer Service Plans and Pricing

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The Employee Direct Costs are associated benefits per employee. You have the option to provide additional benefits on top of their pay.


You can provide incentives for goals met, or after completing the probationary period (usually 3-6 months). This can be a very good motivator and can help you keep your professional representative for the long haul. Again, incentive schemes are varied and would depend, for the most part, on you as an employer.

Virtually Foxy charge an Initial Setup Fee of $250 (office-based) or $150 (home-based) per staff member to cover onboarding, orientation, basic training, account creation, time tracker and virtually foxy's customer relations management tool and configuration of workstations. It is a once-off fee to cover costs associated.


A monthly cost is then added to your monthly invoice based on the Hardware and software you choose your representative to have.



The Initial Invoice includes a Refundable Security Deposit equivalent to $200 and one-month’s Employee Direct Cost.


An Initial Setup Fee is also included on the Initial invoice which covers on-boarding, orientation, basic training, account creation, and configuration of workstations.

Invoicing is monthly, this quote is valid for 15 working days from the date of issue.


Kick-off invoice must be paid 7 days before Virtually Foxy commences delivering services.


Virtually Foxy Guarantee

Free of Charge for Replacement in case your representative is not the right fit.

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