Our team of talented Virtual Assistants are ready to manage all aspects of the real estate transactions from contract to close including Tracking Deadlines, Opening Escrow, Communicating Between All Parties, Schedule Management and more!

Increase Productivity With a Virtual Transaction Coordinator

In the real estate world, the ways in which you allocate your time can have a huge impact on the success of your business. As an agent, investor, or entrepreneur, it’s crucial for you to be focused on the tasks that play the biggest role contributing to the growth of your business.

The ability to delegate the repetitive and mundane tasks that eat away your time to a qualified and trained Virtual Assistant will allow you to leverage your time and increase business productivity.

With the help of a Virtual Transaction Coordinator, you can pass off tasks such as opening escrow, creating and tracking deadlines, communicating between all parties, managing your schedule, and so much more!

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Let your Virtual Transaction Coordinator take some weight off your shoulders by managing your schedule for your business. You can have them maintain your schedule for various inspections, repairs, signatures, documentation and compliance, and making sure nothing is being overlooked.


Utilize your Virtual Assistant to be the intermediary for all communications within your business to ensure all significant communications for all transactions are relayed to the correct parties and reacted upon in a timely manner for a smooth process. 


With 80% of sales requiring at least 5 follow-up calls to close  a deal, it is imperative that you implement a solid follow-up process. Your Virtual ISA will handle it all with our exclusive follow-up process that has been proven to increase the amount of deals your team is closing.


Carry out a variety of administrative tasks for your business including call screening, calendar management, email management, creating reports, CRM management, travel arrangements, and more!

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