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40 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate is a cutthroat business that needs one to always be at the top of their game. Leading incredibly busy lives, realtors must juggle multiple roles while clocking in long hours. And pretty soon, things can (will) get overwhelming. But the truth is, there really isn’t much gratification in the overly-glamourized life of “hustle”. Successful businesses don’t need you to stretch yourself thin for the rest of your life. If you’re a real estate agent who thinks 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to check all boxes on your to-do list, it’s time to hire a real estate virtual assistant. Hire a real estate VA to delegate daily tasks so you finally have the time to focus on growing your business. You will find that your virtual assistant can give you just the edge you need to thrive in a competitive market. Why Should I Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant? Real estate virtual assistants are skilled at performing a variety of tasks: Creating and managing property listings Coordinating transactions and deals Scheduling meetings and appointments Managing website Email and calendar management Verifying and collecting emails Online marketing and SEO Social media marketing Lead generation Data entry Primary and secondary research Collecting customer feedback From general administrative duties to more specialized tasks, a real estate VA can do it all. Let’s see how your business can benefit from the services of real estate virtual assistant. Administrative Task Assistance 1. Email management Tired of an unending list of unread mails in your inbox? As a busy entrepreneur, you definitely don’t have the time to separate the wheat from the chaff. So what do you do to avoid wasting time on emails? Hire a real estate virtual assistant to filter your email and keep your inbox clean at all times. 2. Calendar management Maintaining a calendar is important to make sure things are on track. But it’s definitely not an area that needs active management on your part. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to track tasks, meetings, and other commitments for you. 3. Daily paperwork The truth about real estate is that it comes with a lot of papers. The various agreements, documents, and contracts can bury you under enough paperwork to not leave any time for the important stuff. Having a VA handle the paperwork is time saved that you can spend on actually growing your business. 4. Efficient office work Managing an office space is no mean feat. There are bills to be paid, payrolls to be managed, and various sundry tasks to be taken care of. These can take up a lot of your time that can be better put to use on client meetings or open houses. Once you give the necessary instructions to your real estate virtual assistant, they will get to work and manage things on their own, leaving you with enough time to convert those open houses into big cheques. 5. Update CRM Every realtor knows the importance of maintaining their CRM to track leads and manage pipelines. To make sure prospects stay engaged and sales opportunities don’t fall through the cracks, delegate the task to a virtual assistant. Trained real estate virtual assistants know just how to maintain a CRM platform,  saving you a lot of headache. 6. Research To keep up with the latest market trends, you need to spend some time doing your homework. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to help you out with this tedious but important task. After all, a busy schedule is no excuse to not be in the know of your industry. And a VA’s research skills don’t stop at industry analysis. They can also help you conduct initial research to prepare dossiers and marketing collateral for your properties. 7. Competitor analysis Keeping an eye out for what your competitors are doing gives you the edge you need to pull ahead. And this is possible only through proper market research and evaluating customer needs. Real estate VAs can conduct market research and give you the information that can be the difference between a sale and a loss. 8. Industry research No matter which industry you are a part of, keeping up with market trends is important for running a stable business. But spending hours on the internet conducting industry research is not your job. Let your VA give you a distilled summary of their research so you get all you need to know, but without the effort. Grow Your Business 9. Invest in yourself When you run a real estate business, it can be easy to fall into the temptation of doing it all by yourself – chase prospects, manage paperwork, close deals, all the while balancing it with personal life. But this isn’t a sustainable way to run things. But the time you spend on handling mundane paperwork is lost time you’re never getting back. When you hire a real estate virtual assistant, you’re essentially investing in yourself. Get a VA to handle crucial business tasks to leave you with more time for growing your business. 10. Increase sales conversion Lead generation is an important function of real estate. But your business’ success depends on actual conversions. And when you have a new lead, speed is crucial. According to NAR research, 74% of real estate transactions close with the very first agent a seller speaks to! So when you’ve spent time and money on lead generation, move quickly on hot leads. Hire a trained real estate virtual assistant to screen leads, follow-up with prospects and stick with them till they convert to paying customers. 11. Staffing on demand When there’s a sudden peak in work (due to seasonal or other reasons), it’s tough to staff full-time resources quickly. But with VAs, you can quickly hire staff during peak seasons. Free Time Up 12. Get more time When you allow yourself to be swamped with mundane tasks not core to business growth, you’re wasting your time. Your time is better spent scaling your business, working on ideas, and generating more revenue. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to handle lower level tasks so you finally have the time to focus on the bigger picture. 13. Delegate like a pro It’s so easy to get bogged down in admin work to the point where your actual business starts to suffer. Only when you’re able to delegate can you free time up for more meaningful tasks. As a business leader, you need to be great at the art of delegation. Allow your VA to take over your repetitive tasks and get the freedom to really focus on what you do best - building relationships, closing deals, and growing your business. Online Marketing Assistance 14. Website maintenance Having an updated and well-maintained website is a marketing essential in the 21st century. Your real estate virtual assistant is trained for the task and can help you present a professional image at all times. 15. Social media marketing A healthy presence on social media is a must for your real estate business. Many customers will contact you with queries on social media. There also exist groups where people list their properties to sell/lease while potential customers are there to buy/rent. An extra pair of eyes will help you stay connected to your customers and build a solid social media presence. 16. Customer feedback Maintaining good customer relationships goes beyond replying to emails and messages on social media. Your real estate virtual assistant will proactively collect customer feedback on different channels, a task that would take up many days of your time. Your VA will also send out greeting cards and gifts to important clients and ask them for referrals and reviews. 17. Digital marketing strategy A solid digital marketing strategy is indispensable in the modern world. And it’s true for a real estate business as well. Your customers must be constantly engaged with. Emails have to be sent on different lists about open houses, properties up for sale, developing properties and so on. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to plan successful digital marketing strategies. Your virtual assistant will also update your social media pages, create flyers, videos, etc. Save Money 18. Reduce your fixed costs When you hire full-time resources, there’s a sea of expenses that comes your way. From managing complex payrolls to collecting taxes, you end up spending a lot. But when you hire a real estate virtual assistant, you only pay by the hour or project. So your fixed costs in terms of salary and benefits are negligible. And if you ever feel the need to let go of them, the process isn’t half as complicated as letting go of an in-house employee. 19. Pay by the hour A huge advantage of hiring a real estate virtual assistant is the payment model. Hire a VA for specific tasks that will be billed by the hour. Ultimately, this works out to be so much cheaper than hiring full time. Say goodbye to a fixed monthly salary and only pay for the hours you use. 20. No training burden Find it hard to get a properly trained employee in your area? A great benefit of a real estate virtual assistant is that these professionals are trained and hold years of experience. Their underlying skills can be of immense value to your business, something you need to invest in. 21. No office expenses When you hire a full-time employee, you have to provide for a physical space furnished with computers and office supplies. But with a remote VA, you don’t pay any office expenses. How cool is that! 22. No hiring costs Hiring an employee involves a great deal of recruitment costs. But when you’ve got a global virtual assistant platform at your disposal, all you need to do is choose a qualified professional and begin work immediately! Experience Higher Productivity 23. 24*7 communication Your real estate VA is always available on call and mail. This means you can always be in touch with them, no matter where they (or you) are. When you can reach your VA at any time, you can communicate ideas faster and get work done quicker. 24. Get more work done Say, you have an open house coming up. You’ll need to send out emails, design flyers, order food, promote the event online, to begin with. Sure, you could take it all on by yourself, but that’d eat so much of your time that your business would suffer. Delegate non-essential tasks to your virtual assistant and stop wasting time on paperwork and scheduling appointments every day. Get more work done with your real estate VA and start building your business. 25. Improve focus Hire a real estate virtual assistant to review sales contracts, conduct property research, and prepare presentations and spreadsheets. While these activities happen in the background, take the opportunity to bring focus back to business growth – closing deals, meeting clients, and negotiating contracts. 26. Keep things organized VAs hold many skills, chief among them the art of organization. Rely on your real estate virtual assistant to create filing systems, organizing documents, setting meeting reminders, paying bills et al. Listings Management 27. Update listings Listings are the only way people get to know about the availability of a property. A real estate virtual assistant can prepare and regularly update your listing presentations for potential clients. 28. Organize listings Information about a property must be listed in an organized manner. Dossiers need to be maintained to help customers get a sense of the house, features, plan, etc. This also requires a verification of the papers submitted by the seller. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to handle these jobs while you schmooze the clients into buying the property. 29. Edit listings A seller can have a variety of problems with his property listing. Maybe the valuation is a bit too high or a bit too low or the dimensions of a room are off the mark. You can’t waste time in editing the details by yourself. Your real estate virtual assistant will help you make corrections and edits. They will take care of the details on a listing so that only the right information goes out. Customer Support 30. Handle customer queries Customers definitely scare easy and they are full of queries. Why tie yourself down with answering every small detail about the property? Let your real estate virtual assistant handle the task. VAs hold excellent communication skills and can talk to your customers, resolve their queries, and keep them updated on listings. 31. Reply to emails Let us face it. Nobody wants to get bogged down with replying to emails when there is bigger fish to fry. However, replying to emails and moreover maintaining lists is important. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to respond to customer mails while you tackle those big deals. 32. Prepare marketing collateral The task of creating a new presentation every time you are pitching to potential clients is a daunting one. A real estate virtual assistant will create presentations and design brochures for your open house. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the event to make sure it’s a success. 33. Timely following up From the time a lead indicates interest to conversion, there’s a chance you may lose them. During this period, potential clients need to be kept updated on changes and must be followed up with. A real estate VA will contact interested parties and keep you updated on the progress of a deal. Travel Assistance 34. Plan your itinerary Worried about booking the flight tickets when they are the cheapest? Tired of the prospect of shuffling through hundreds of hotels until you find the right one? You just need to instruct your real estate virtual assistant and they will create an itinerary for your travel. 35. Quick bookings Can’t find the time to book a hotel for an important pitch in a different city? There’s no reason you have to take care of travel bookings by yourself. Hire a real estate virtual assistant and get it all done. From booking venues for meetings to conferences there is nothing that a VA won’t be able to do. Improved Mental Health 36. Relieve stress Time management is not just about squeezing in more hours of work each day, but also allocating time for relaxation. You certainly can’t build a successful business if you’re stressed all the time. Hire a real estate VA so you have time to focus on your mental health. Find time to do things you love, spend time with friends, and revitalize as you relieve stress. 37. Spend alone time If you can’t remember the last time you spent some time alone in silence, it won’t be too long before your suffer a mental breakdown. Delegate daily tasks to your VA and find the time to spend some good old alone time. Hire Experts Quickly 38. Hire fast Hiring talent is no mean feat. But do you really have the time to spend months putting out newspaper ads and wait for the right person to magically appear at your doorstep? Quickly get the support you need with a real estate virtual assistant. Simply sign up on Wishup and find an abundance of talented VAs at your fingertips. 39. Global talent pool While hiring locally may have made sense in the past, the internet has really upped the game. Don’t restrict yourself to a small pool of virtual assistants. Leverage the power of the web and access a global talent pool. Often, the best real estate virtual assistants come from a different time zone! 40.   Begin immediately As a business owner, time is perhaps your most important resource. This means speed is key to growing. And in the real estate market, time is definitely money. With fierce competition, you just can’t afford to waste time. Waste no time in finding the right VA for your real estate business. Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Right Away Life as a busy real estate agent is demanding. It yanks you in a 100 different directions. It needs you to juggle multiple properties, clients, and prospecting. When it starts to feel overwhelming, know that you don’t need to do it all alone. Real estate virtual assistants are trained to tackle recurring and time-consuming tasks that are nonetheless important to your business. Hire a qualified real estate virtual assistant for your business and bring the focus back to solidifying your business.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Are you an entrepreneur swamped with work? Despite your vision, drive and zeal, do you find yourself twisting every screw and bolting every nut into place? In the battlefield that entrepreneurship is, two things are constant, no matter the venture: Every entrepreneur is in a tearing hurry to reach the top Every entrepreneur faces two constraints -  time and resources The secret to success lies in leveraging your resources such that you scale up and scale fast. This, however, is easier said than done. As a business owner, you find hundreds of items to check off of your to-do list, every day. These vary in importance; from the core, crucial and strategic to mundane, recurring and repetitive work. When your focus is spread thin over the two categories, the result is a slump in efficiency, growth, and productivity. What is a small business owner to do? The answer lies in delegation. Once you realize this, the next step is finding a trained professional. This is where the Virtual Assistant (VA) steps in. Who is a Virtual Assistant? VAs are experienced professionals with specific skill sets in a range of industries. Usually a jack-of-all-trades, they can perform both basic administrative functions and jobs requiring in-depth knowledge and technical expertise with élan. VAs are adaptable and versatile; this means you can find a VA online for almost any job – bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, social media management, web designing, content creation, network management, SEO and so on. Most of them will have a verified profile on an online platform, and you can read reviews from previous employers before hiring them. What does a Virtual Assistant do? A VA will free up your time and allow you to focus on the essentials of business – growth, competition, and strategy - tasks that you, as Commander-in-Chief, can perform best. Such is a VA’s efficiency and professionalism that he or she can perform almost any task – from conducting market research to responding to customer queries,  from sending flowers to contacting potential investors. A majority of the tasks small business owners perform can be inexpensively outsourced to a smart, qualified VA. A VA can perform these tasks with the same degree of efficiency as a full-time resource but at a far more affordable price. Let’s look at some areas you can immediately outsource to a VA (s). Real Estate If you’re a real estate professional, hiring a specialized VA will do your business a world of good. Your real estate VA is trained in a variety of tasks crucial to your business - preparing and filing paperwork, responding to inquiries, fixing meetings, etc. Delegate all such administrative tasks to your VA and focus on selling more properties. In fact, you can even hire VAs for sales support – prospecting, lead generation, database management, etc. Here are some tasks you can assign to your real estate virtual assistant: Posting property ads Data scraping from different websites Setting up meetings Sending introductory messages with appropriate listings to customers Calendar management Database management Responding to email inquiries Social media management Conducting property research and creating reports Following up with prospective buyers General administration It doesn’t make sense for an entrepreneur to manage calendars and set appointments when they can instead focus on core business areas. VA can also perform all those mundane tasks that are essential to the smooth running of your business – scheduling meetings, creating itineraries, organizing your days and booking your flight tickets. General VAs, also known as executive assistants, are akin to having a remote office secretary. The only difference is that they can’t bring you a cup of coffee. Here are some tasks you can assign to your virtual administrative assistant: Calendar management Setting up meetings Managing emails and calls Managing your spreadsheets Competitor analysis Travel arrangements Data management Social media management Can you survive in a digital age without a robust, active social media presence? Absolutely not. While you simply cannot afford to ignore social media, you also can’t afford to spend your bandwidth managing your business’ handles. The solution? Hire a competent VA to manage and grow your social media accounts. A VA can schedule posts and keep with daily news about you in the public domain. They can also create a roadmap of how you can grab your target customers’ attention after analyzing current trends, gathering statistics and monitoring interactions. Here are some tasks you can assign to your social media virtual assistant: Managing social media accounts – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Create a monthly post schedule Draft posts with content and images Respond to customer queries and comments on social accounts Run ads on social media platforms Share business updates and news Hire a social media virtual assistant here. Research As every entrepreneur knows, research is an area that’s fatally time-consuming. It is also a task a VA can perform comfortably. Be it conducting research to identify potential investors or get a view of competitor activities, your VA can do a fantastic job of collating the right information and presenting it in a comprehensible manner. Just communicate your expectations clearly and let loose your VA on the job. Here are some tasks you can assign to your research virtual assistant: Competitor analysis Identifying opportunities for business growth Conducting industry research Compiling research data Presenting research findings in a report with charts and graphs Helping you choose a vendor/tool by performing a comparative analysis Creating an email database Travel management As a business owner, you have to frequently travel for meetings, conferences, events, and sometimes for personal reasons. Identifying the cheapest tickets, making bookings, and reserving hotels is a process you most certainly don't enjoy (or have the time for). Instead of scouring airline websites every day, get a VA to plan your travel for you. Apart from making bookings, you can also task your VA with preparing an itinerary and identifying places for sightseeing. Booking flights after price comparison Making arrangements based on company credit card, seat preferences, frequent flyer membership, etc. Booking hotels for your intended stay Communicating updates such as flight delays and cancellations Preparing detailed invoices for billing Email management Do you despair on seeing hundreds on unread emails on Outlook every day? An inbox filled to the brim with customer queries, supplier communications, job inquiries and spam can take hours to sort, answer, and delete. Wouldn't bringing in a VA for task be a lifesaver? Emails are somewhere on the top of your ‘time wasters’ list. You’re working on something important, channeling all your focus and pop comes an email notification. You start typing a reply and before you know it, you’ve wasted 15 precious minutes on something your VA could have handled easily. And once you lose flow, it’s hard to get back in the game. A VA will organize your contacts list, answer routine emails on a pre-agreed format, and forward the important ones to you. Extricate yourself from the maddening trap of emails and get a trained VA to handle it for you. Here are some tasks you can assign to your virtual email assistant: Filtering emails Responding to customer queries Updating contacts Responding to and closing tickets Sending e-greetings and invitations Calendar management Scheduling appointments Digital marketing Planning digital marketing strategies is one of the top items on your priority list. Once you’ve done the strategic work, hire a digital marketing VA to execute your plans. Your VA can take over and track your marketing efforts – social, email, content – with ease while saving you time and money. Here are some tasks you can assign to your digital marketing virtual assistant: Content marketing Conducting keyword research Social media marketing Running AdWord campaigns Promoting branded content Creating email newsletters Creating email marketing lists Identifying and storing new leads Scheduling broadcast emails Managing weekly/monthly email marketing functions Customer support Building a successful business means keeping your customers happy. But fielding customer grievances and queries is a job best handled by your virtual assistant. VAs trained in customer service can deal with customers on phone, chat, email, and social media. Your VA can solve issues, handle dissatisfied customers, deal with deliveries, communicate updates et al. You can even train your virtual assistant to identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling while interacting with customers. Here are some tasks you can assign to your virtual customer support assistant: Dealing with customer queries Handling returns and refunds Communicating order/ticket updates Designing surveys and feedback forms Collecting customer feedback Graphic design Designing is a specialized (and creative) skill set not everyone can ace. A graphic design VA can tackle everything from your social media to blog post graphics. Delegate recurring design work for your marketing collateral, advertising banners, and social media copy to your a VA. Here are some tasks you can assign to your graphic design virtual assistant: Sourcing images from the right platforms Designing logos, banners, and marketing collateral Designing infographics Beautifying blog and social media posts Designing emailers and landing pages Designing business cards Bookkeeping A bookkeeping virtual assistant can help you manage your business’ cash flow. They can take over accounts, payroll processing, invoices et al. Imagine how much time you’ll save by offloading this time-consuming but crucial business function onto a trusted expert. While you cannot hand over the entire financial responsibility of your business to your VA, you can outsource the parts which are tedious. For example, while you can create the operational budget, the virtual assistant can check whether the budget is being adhered to by comparing with actual expenses incurred. They can also collate and present data in an easy-to-organize way for your accountant. Here are some tasks you can assign to your bookkeeping virtual assistant: Budgeting Record keeping procedures Excel bookkeeping data entry Projecting cash flows Payroll processing Bank reconciliation Revenue expenditure management Inventory management Copywriting This is another vital yet time-consuming affair which you can easily delegate to VA. Attractive, detail-rich and engaging content is crucial to growing your business presence online. Such content has to be SEO-friendly and valuable to your audience. An experience copywriting VA can help you create SEO-optimized and well-formatted blog posts, website content, and social media content after conducting thorough research. Here are some tasks you can assign to your copywriting virtual assistant: Content research Creating blog posts Uploading content on your blog Writing social media posts Creating ebooks and whitepapers Data entry Ask an entrepreneur about the one task that bothers them the most and they’ll likely respond with data entry. If you feel frustrated and irritated every time you have to spend time on manually entering data, you’re not alone. And why shouldn’t you, when you can spend this time actually growing your business? A data entry virtual assistant is a boon for your business, saving it both time and money. Be it entering data in Excel or adding content to a presentation, your VA can help you deal with a mountain of data. So don’t break into a sweat every time the prospect of data entry stares you in the face. Just sign up on a VA platform and get yourself a qualified professional. Here are some tasks you can assign to your data entry virtual assistant: Preparing and sorting data for entry Fact-checking data for accuracy Entering data on spreadsheets and other tools Keeping a track of records Generating reports Relationship building A VA can also add that personal touch which is so vital to maintaining good relationships with investors, suppliers, and customers. Your VA can send out thank you cards and birthday gifts. They can also manage your personal life – scheduling doctor’s appointments, answering your calls and arranging pickup and drop-offs. With a qualified VA, you can truly save a huge chunk of time every day. Figure your needs out VAs can perform an even greater variety of tasks apart from the ones we’ve just seen. They can hold more specialized skill sets within these categories or have a niche skill you can use for your business. The next step is, of course, figuring out exactly what you need for your business. Take some time to answer a few questions: Which area of your business takes up most of your time? What activities do you enjoy? What activities do you dislike? List out frequent daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you perform Identify those tasks you especially dislike. Of these, how many have a clear process in place? How long do you take to complete each of these tasks? Do you use any software/tools for these tasks? Categorize all tasks under two heads - Must Delegate and Can Delegate On your Must Delegate list, see which tasks match with the categories listed in the article. Now you have a fair idea of what you need. If you’ve identified more than one category, you will likely need multiple VAs. Where is your perfect Virtual Assistant? Let us warn you. When you post your requirement for a Virtual Assistant, you will be swamped with thousands of eager replies. How will you wade through this mass and zero in on the best person for the job? You can do this by signing up on a trusted VAs like Cindy Agbisit. This means all the prerequisites of hiring - verification of qualifications, work experience, training, etc. – are taken care of, saving you a whole lot of time and a whole lot of hassle. Your VA is an invaluable investment in your business. They handle daily business chores while you remain focused on the grand scheme of things. Hiring one can literally mean the difference between sinking and swimming in the cutthroat world of business. So do yourself a favor and hire a VA today!


Ever wonder how the big guns of the entrepreneurial world seem to skyrocket their success…without blowing up their cash flow? There’s no secret sauce you’re missing out on — but there’s a formula for it!  A formula that, when executed correctly, works 9 times out of 10. A key component of this formula involves leveraging offshore outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants. Without this, the rest of the formula can be hard to implement (unless you’ve got a truck full of cash!) So let’s delve deeper into why this strategy is so key to entrepreneurial success today. Why hire a Virtual Assistant? Hiring virtual assistants have many benefits. They are generally cheaper than domestic employees and can offer the flexibility to multi-task across many aspects of your business. There are also various virtual assistant companies that can help make the hiring process easier. Here are the top ten reasons why successful companies or businesses are hiring Virtual Assistants: 1. Time is your goldmine The most valuable asset anyone has today is time, and money only comes in second. Successful businesses recognize that time is the best asset to keep a tight grip on. Without time to think strategically, forge new relationships, and develop ideas, all you have is a business that refuses to grow regardless of how much you work at it. And entrepreneurs that spend their days locked in low-level administrative tasks like email management and customer support are kidding themselves that they have any chance of growing a successful company. To reclaim your time, you need to hire people and learn to delegate. But hiring staff can really rip into your bottom-line so it’s a catch-22 situation that plagues a lot of businesses…unless you follow the clever herd and embrace offshore virtual assistants. Hiring a virtual assistant solves the catch-22 and allows you to break out of the deep crevice that exists between startup and growth…without blowing up your cash flow. 2. Cost-effective Business Scalability Business growth requires capital. By hiring virtual assistants, you can substantially reduce your capital needs. Not only is the cost of hiring a virtual assistant substantially less than hiring domestically (for most Western nations), but the ongoing costs of management and development are also less.

By embracing the offshore virtual assistant model and making a commitment to making it work, you can really ramp up your team without blowing up your balance sheet.

In addition, you can utilise any domestic staff you have for more high value, localised work. It’s a win-win. You lower your costs while simultaneously building up your team and increasing the value of the work produced per dollar spent on salaries.

3. Maintain Entrepreneurial Sanity One of the key things for entrepreneurial success is mindset, but we don’t all do the mindset thing very well!

If you find your tasks or to-do lists piling up so you’re ending up scattered and achieving less and you’re getting a little too overwhelmed with the things you need to do for your business, then here’s an insight: The best virtual assistant can help you with all of that!

Delegating tasks to someone reliable and able to manage several duties and responsibilities is one way to avoid becoming overwhelmed. You can divide or handover the items on your to-do list to a VA. This is why most successful business owners hire a virtual assistant. You can prepare a detailed list of tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant – things you need to get done and help you grow your business. Virtual assistants are very organised and can help you prioritise which tasks to do first. Some of them have had training and years of experience in assisting business owners. Your sanity is important to your entrepreneurial success so start hiring a virtual assistant and stay sane! 4. Escape the Admin Jungle If anything will drag you away from growing your business, it’s the admin vortex. Administrative tasks can be easily delegated to a Virtual Assistant, because they are process-driven and repetitive. Having a Virtual Assistant on your team can ensure these tasks are done on time, leaving you to focus on other, high-level tasks. Some of the most common administrative tasks that a hired virtual assistant can do: Administrative and office support activities for multiple supervisors Receptionist tasks such as fielding telephone calls and managing appointment bookings Responding to emails and helping to filter them for easier management Word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations Organising your Dropbox and Google Drive folders. Internet research Data entry If you’re assigning your virtual assistant these admin tasks, try to be as detailed and specific as you can. Skill sets of virtual assistants vary, and while most VAs can easily breeze through your task list, it’s still important to be clear on what duties and responsibilities you want your VA to take on. Ultimately, having someone take on the recurring admin tasks in your projects will help the growth of your business. 5. Streamline your business operations Having well-documented processes and systems in your business spells success when hiring a virtual assistant. If you don’t have these processes in place yet, a virtual assistant can help you set them up and make your operations more streamlined.

Because VAs work remotely, it forces both sides to increase the focus on efficient processes, effective communication, and advanced reporting channels. This is how you can really use virtual assistants to help grow your business. 6. Improve your products and services Virtual assistants can help improve the product and services you offer in the market by being your eyes and ears in the market and throughout your customer base.

As a business owner, you need to know the needs of your customers or prospective clients. You do this by monitoring the markets you operate in, listening for conversations on social media about your brand or industry, watching what competitors are doing and saying, collating feedback from current clients, and generally staying abreast of industry news. While this helps your business a lot, this also takes time and energy. These tasks can be outsourced to a virtual assistant. They can collate this information and document the data you need. Having quick access to this data can be a game changer in your business, especially if you’re not the one tied up doing it. Your virtual assistant can gather this data on a continuous basis to help you improve your business. 7. Provide 24/7 business or customer service One way to widen your market is to be available 24/7 for customer support. This is particularly important for online stores that work on a global scale. This can be achieved by hiring a team of virtual assistants who can provide support for customers in different time zones. A virtual team can even provide service during official holidays. Some things that you can have your VA do are: Responding to customer questions Creating email responses or Frequently Asked Questions Checking on clients, especially long-term clients Dealing with complaints or requests for refunds or discounts Create a welcome pack for new customers They are also the quickest solution to temporary manpower shortages. 8. Maintain a Killer Online Strategy In this age of mobile technology where social media, video, and content marketing have become the norm, it’s expected that every business has an online presence. But there are two issues in this area: A strong results-focused strategy is needed for effective implementation The work involved in implementing and maintaining an effective online strategy is extremely time-consuming. Virtual assistants are a fantastic resource in this area. All things digital are, by nature, online and ‘virtual’, so the concept of having a virtual person implementing and maintaining this strategy for you is easier to get your head around. You no longer need to spend all day creating images on Canva, collecting quotes, and sharing tips on social media – your VA can do these things for you.

Your virtual assistant can also save the time you spend on creating new content to feed your marketing strategy by taking whatever podcasts, articles, webinars you already have and repurposing them into other types of content – infographics, SlideShares, blog posts, Ebooks… the list goes on.

You need to be online but you don’t need to get bogged down in the work involved. 9. Avoid selling your soul to your business Let’s be honest, hiring a virtual assistant to help manage, oversee, and do tasks on your list helps ease the workload and stress you face in the day to day operations of your business. At the same time, it also allows you more leisure time with your family and friends. So, you are basically taking back your social life.

Also, by giving your Virtual Assistant responsibilities and tasks from your list, like those repetitive tasks, you add more productive hours to your day.

Getting more free time allows you to function better and avoid suffering from burnout. It allows you to focus on what really matters in your business.

More free time also means more time for people who are important in your life.

We must remember, other than being an entrepreneur, we also play different roles at home. We also have personal relationships which need care and attention. Having someone to help organise schedules and tasks (and do some small personal errands, as well) frees up more time for us. And, free time means more time for ourselves, family and friends. 10. Increase the asset value of your business

When done right, working with virtual teams forces you to develop very strong, efficient processes and solid communication and to utilize technology in more creative ways.

Once you hone each of these areas and ensure tasks can be delegated to anyone who steps in, it means your business is systematised. This creates a far more valuable asset if you ever decided to sell the business. Go on… Hire a virtual assistant for your business! Virtual Assistants are a fantastic asset to you and your business, especially when integrated correctly. So many people think they need a Virtual Assistant for just a few hours here and there, but the truth is, there are so many tasks we can delegate to a Virtual Assistant and so many things our Virtual Assistants can do for us. It is well worth the investment to bring someone on more permanently and build them into your growth plans.

Hire A Social Media Virtual Assistant

In a survey of small business owners and proprietors by BIC Agency, 63% of respondents said they spent 1-5 hours on social media each week. In fact, some business owners were spending more than 20 hours a week on social media! With almost half of the working week devoted to managing profiles and posting updates, can entrepreneurs really get much else done? Unlikely. If you are a small business owner, spending time on your business’ social accounts is a waste of both your time and potential. You need to hand this task over to a social media virtual assistant trained specifically for the role, while you focus on the business. Moreover, social media isn’t something your brand can exploit by posting one update a day or purchasing ‘likes’ on Facebook. You need a solid strategy to ace the social game - a checklist with short and long-term goals, recurring tasks, and different milestones. Can you do all this by yourself while growing your business? We hope you know the answer by now. Stop doing it all by yourself. Hire a social media virtual assistant to take care of your brand’s online presence. What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant? A social media virtual assistant is a trained expert who is well-versed in dealing with digital channels. Unlike a full-time employee that works in-house with you, a social media VA works remotely for your business. This means they’re more affordable and bring unique benefits to the table. Neither do you have to shell out a huge amount in monthly salary and benefits, you also don’t pay for vacation days, sick leaves, and taxes. You simply pay a fixed amount based on the number of hours your VA works for you. In fact, an increasing number of businesses are building entire social teams with expert virtual assistants! What Can a Social Media Virtual Assistant Do? Hire a social media virtual assistant to perform the following tasks. 1.       Keeping social profiles up-to-date When you hire a social media virtual assistant, they’ll keep your online presence updated. Your pages and accounts will reflect the same information and maintain a consistent brand image. If there’s an update related to your business that your audience must know of, your VA will take care of communicating this to your customers on every social media platform. 2.       Content research and drafting Given how content-driven social media is, it’s important to regularly put out valuable content to constantly engage the audience. Generating the right content after thorough research is a task a social media virtual assistant is adept at handling. Your VA will create content, schedule it, and post it on different channels. 3.       Scheduling and managing posts Hire a social media virtual assistant to create weekly and monthly planners for social media posts and status updates. Regularly posting content will go a long way in keeping your audience interested. Your VA will prepare calendars, prepare/gather content, and manage all posts. 4.       Campaigns Your social media virtual assistant will plan marketing campaigns to keep your audience hooked. For instance, they can post polls, post status updates and images, post funny quotes, and create social media contests. Such campaigns can generate a lot of hype for your brand and keep your customers engaged over the long term. 5.       Engaging the audience Just one angry comment on a Facebook post can be dangerous for your PR. Hire a social media virtual assistant to monitor comments and replies and respond to them on time. 6.       Tracking metrics While social media ROI may be hard to measure, your VA can help you track goal progress. They will track metrics like social media likes, followers, posts, and overall engagement. Your social media virtual assistant will also create monthly reports to give you a quick overview of social media activity and help you understand which areas to focus on. 7.       Competition Whichever industry you may be a part of, keeping a tab of your competitors’ social media activity is important. Task your social media VA with such research, gathering information on what they’re sharing, how frequently they’re posting, and what they’re doing right. Your VA will compare your social media activity with your competitors’ and thus help you fine-tune your own strategy. Steps to Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant 1.       Begin your search online The first step is looking for the right virtual assistant platform. You’ll find several options to choose from online. Ideally, hire a social media virtual assistant from a different country. This will mean you can rely on your VA 24*7. 2.       Compare your options Once you’ve located VA services that work well for you, do a comparative analysis based on pricing, geography, quality of services etc. You can even ask people in your professional network for reviews on different platforms. Only after you’ve thoroughly evaluated your options should you take the final decision. 3.       Connect with your VA The next step is to connect with a qualified social media virtual assistant who will assist you in growing your business. Begin the relationship with a kick off call to understand their strengths and communicate your expectations. Social Media Virtual Assistant Job Description Samples Social Media Virtual Assistant Job Description Sample 1 Job summary We’re looking for a virtual assistant to help out with our social media accounts. It is a remote opportunity and will not require the candidate's presence in the office. The candidate must be familiar with various social media platforms and their workings. He/she must be skilled to recognize and analyze trends. Ideally, the candidate must be organized and a good communicator who is willing to work hard. Roles and responsibilities Come up with new and innovative ideas  for online posts Creating new content posted on the social media page of the business Making frequent and timely social media posts Monitoring and responding to comments Research content and its presentation in the online space Analyzing trends on active online posts Updating social media accounts with ongoings of the business Monitoring the competition on social media Job requirements Graduate or above Experience in handling digital channels on a professional level Ability to work independently Social Media Virtual Assistant Job Description Sample 2 Job summary I am looking for an individual trained in social media management. This is a remote opportunity and will not need a physical presence in the office space. The candidate must be well-versed with social media platforms and their working. The candidate must be hard-working and organized. Roles and responsibilities Manage company's social media accounts Create interesting blogs and posts Have an insight on trends in social media Study metrics and activity on social media posts and make valid inferences Optimize content for search engine optimization (SEO) Write and distribute newsletters Co-ordinate with marketing section to promote ad campaigns Bring new ideas to the table Job requirements Graduate; preferably in Mass Communication Similar experience at a professional level Detail-oriented and hard working Strong communication skills How Much Does a Social Media Virtual Assistant Cost? A social media virtual assistant will help you expand your business. The price differs depending on expertise and region. COUNTRYCOST USA$10-20/hour UK$10-30/hour Australia$5-25/hour India$5-15/hour Philippines$5-25/hour Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant 1.       Supercharge productivity As a business owner, your primary job is to grow your business. When you hire a social media virtual assistant, you take the burden of managing social media accounts off your shoulders. As a result, you will have more time to work on the things you do best. A person trained in creating content, analyzing trends, responding to activity and keeping track of online traffic will more efficiently manage your company's online presence. You set the target audience, brand identity and guidelines. Your VA will work accordingly, leaving you with the time and bandwidth to boost your productivity. 2.       Cost efficiency Social media virtual assistants work remotely i.e. they operate from their own space thereby cutting down your costs. You don’t need to pay your social media virtual assistant a fixed salary. Because they work on an hourly or project basis, you pay them according to the quality and quantity of work done. Employing a full-time employee brings the economic strain of benefits such as healthcare and pension. A social media virtual assistant does not need these auxiliary benefits. 3.       Customer engagement Constant engagement with customers through social media – be it comments on posts or direct messages – is necessary. A social media virtual assistant will bring to light customer preferences and grievances by responding to comments and replying to messages. Once you start delegating your social media to-do list to your VA, you’ll realize how precious the freedom this brings you is. Stop killing your own productivity and start focusing on the money-making aspects of your business. Tell your social media virtual assistant exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your campaigns and set goals accordingly. Hire a social media virtual assistant today and watch your online presence grow!

Hire a Virtual Real Estate Assistant

The plate is always full for a realtor. Real estate is a highly competitive business and for a realtor, there's a lot to do- research, networking, managing social media, sales support, paperwork and the list is endless. There are some things that you can't be completely outsourcing because it gives direction to your business. For example, networking- you can't say no to it, marketing- it absolutely drives your business and closing deals- this brings you the money. For anything else, you might want to consider hiring a virtual real estate assistant. What is a Virtual Real Estate Assistant? A virtual real estate assistant is a remote employee who can be hired for part-time or full-time support. They come with professional training and prior experience of working in the real estate industry and can assist you with real estate related tasks. A virtual real estate assistant operates out of their own space and has good connectivity to the internet to work with you remotely on an everyday basis. They are a great value addition if you wish to free-up some time to focus on your core business activities. What Can a Virtual Real Estate Assistant Do? There are numerous tasks that you can outsource to your virtual real estate assistant. Here are some tasks that we've listed down for you: 1. Manage your property listings online The real estate industry is also booming with technology and adopting to newer ways of business. According to Real Estate in a Digital Age report, 94% of people look for properties online. So it's not just about listing it online, it also involves uploading it there quickly, promoting it on social media as well as your website. This tedious and time-consuming task can be outsourced to free up your time. 2. Social Media Management Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can connect you with a pool of leads, while you build trust and authority with your brand online. But managing multiple social media portals, sharing posts regularly, engaging with audience, measuring the impact can be very time-consuming. Your virtual assistant can relieve you of this time-drain. 3. Lead generation You need to constantly find ways to find new people to pitch your products to. You can't settle down for the like or followers that you generate online. Email marketing, sending newsletters, creating landing pages on sites, managing and inviting people to subscribe to your mailing list, these are just some of it. Your virtual assistant can be the right help in targeting those warm leads. 4. Calendar management You can get your calendar managed, appointments scheduled and reminder sent while you're busy preparing for these events. Your virtual assistant will efficiently manage your calendar so that you can simply focus on what needs to be done. 5. Creating promotional material Marketing requires a lot of promotional materials. Social media is a platform that can move mountains for your business if you have well-designed material, powerful content or creative series presentation. People are experimenting all over and setting new standards to creativity to get that attention. You can absolutely get a virtual assistant to help you with the same so that you don't waste time over it. If you're not equipped with skills to manage such tasks, then it's a double brownie! 6. Respond to inbound queries As a real estate business, you're working on multiple properties or projects at any given time. This means that your inbox will be constantly flooded with queries from leads who might just be interested to know more. At this level, the queries are mostly generic and having a preset template for answers and outsourcing the task to your virtual assistant can be a great bargain. 7. Data entry and database management Managing multiple projects and various leads can lead to so many databases that get created. You can't just leave it at that! It needs to be regularly updated and followed up on. Your virtual assistant can help you enter data and manage these databases on a regular basis. Steps to Hire a Virtual Real Estate Assistant Step 1. Look for services online You simply have to go online and type virtual real estate assistant. There are many services that provide virtual assistants like Zirtual, Wishup etc. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork have freelancers who are available to be hired as virtual assistants. There are numerous options! Step 2. Research well if it suits your realtor needs Many companies provide virtual assistants but they might have not have industry specific experience. Step 3. Compare available options Do a thorough homework and compare all the options available in terms of pricing, quality of services etc. Take reviews from people who have used virtual assistants and take into consideration all options before you make the final choice. Step 4. Connect with your VA Once you find the service provider you need, the next step is to connect to the virtual assistant who is going to assist you on your tasks. Have a telephonic conversation or even a video call to understand if the person fits the bill. If not, look for another option that suits your need. Finding the right VA in the company is equally important. Step 5. Mutually chalk out your virtual working plan and next steps Once your VA is ready, the next step is to lay out a work process. Since it's a virtual working process, it's better to lay down expectations, task routines, quality of outcome, modes of communication and much more. This will ensure that the work is automated and doesn't require to be micro-managed. Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description Samples We have compiled some job description samples for you if you're looking to hire a virtual assistant to help you with your real estate business. You can edit it to suit your requirements. Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description Sample 1 If you're a real estate firm looking to hire a virtual real estate assistant, then here's a sample for you. Job Summary We are looking for a virtual assistant to help our team with different administrative and research related tasks for our real estate company. We require someone who can give us full-time support and has some prior experience in the real estate industry. Our ideal candidate would be a quick learner, with good people skills and a great multi-tasker. Roles and Responsibilities Manage customer queries and respond to them with the relevant pre-set template. Customer follow-up. Generate leads online. Manage the social media handles and upload property photos and engage audience. Create and maintain the database of leads generated. Create presentation and property marketing materials. Manage appointments and schedule and send reminders. Job Requirements Graduate Prior experience in a similar role in the real estate industry Good typing speed Well-versed with Microsoft Office tools and G-suite. Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description Sample 2 If you're a realtor looking for a virtual assistant to help you with your business as well as personal tasks, here's a sample for you. Job Summary I'm on the urgent lookout for a virtual assistant who can work remotely to assist me on my daily business as well as personal tasks. You will be primarily working on tasks related to the real estate industry as I have a successfully growing realtor business. The ideal candidate would be willing to work in my time zone, must be organised and have prior experience in the real estate industry. Roles and Responsibilities Send out new property deals to customers. Regularly share property photos on our social media handle and create attractive posts. Manage customer queries and respond to them with the relevant pre-set template. Customer follow-up. Constantly research for new leads and maintain database for the same. Research for market trends and news and communicate it on a weekly basis. Create presentation and property marketing materials. Manage appointments and schedule and send reminders. Create content for newsletters. Set up appointments with potential customers. Job Requirements Prior experience in a similar role in the real estate industry Good customer management skills Willing to work in my time zone. Well-versed with online designing tools. How much does a Virtual Real Estate Assistant Cost? Well. there are virtual assistant services worldwide. So the cost depends on where you hire your VA from. A country with low cost of living like Philippines, India will provide you a virtual assistant for less than USA. But from a ROI perspective, it definitely is worth what you pay for! COUNTRYCOST USA$25-50/hour India$6/hour or less Philippines$6/hour or less Australia$30-50/hour Europe$6-20/hour Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Real Estate Assistant Here are some of the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate business. 1.Maintain strong online presence You don't need to compromise on your online presence due to lack of time or overburdening. Your virtual assistant will keep you on track and bring you all the attention online. 2. Get administrative support You can get all the administrative support you want without having to hire a full-time resource. Virtual real estate assistants are trained with present market tools to manage your tasks effortlessly. You can opt for full-time or part-time support. 3. Find more time to spend on core tasks As a realtor, there's a lot on your plate already. You can now focus on your core business activities and revenue generation instead of having to spend time on mundane tasks. Your virtual assistant can take care of those little things so that you can work towards greater goals without a worry. 4. Pocket-friendly resource Imagine being able to hire just for the amount of help required. Isn't that profitable? Virtual assistants can be really beneficial because you don't need to spend on those extra perks, benefits, employee fund etc. You just partner for the work required and pay for it. Frequently Asked Questions At this point, you might have some questions in your mind regarding this. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions to make it easy for you: 1. Do these virtual assistants have prior experience in the real estate industry? Yes, these virtual assistants have experience with a lot of administrative and real estate related tasks. Some of them have also associated with real estate firms in the past. 2. Can I hire a virtual assistant for full-time support? Yes, virtual assistants are a flexible resource. They are available for part-time as well as full-time support. Each company has its own subscription offers that you can choose from as per your requirements. 3. Can I hire the same virtual assistant for different periods in a year? Well, virtual assistants are a shared resource. Once they're off a client, there will be another one walking in to replace. So this can be really tricky because your VA might not have the bandwidth to work for you now or might have changed companies altogether. 4. Do these virtual assistants have a support staff? Yes, virtual assistants if hired from a service provider company like Zirtual, Wishup etc., come with a support team that acts as a mediator for all operational and grievance related issues. 5. Will a virtual assistant work in my time zone? Virtual assistants are present all over the globe and are an extremely flexible resource as they work in different time zones and you will surely find one to work in yours. Conclusion Hiring a virtual real estate assistant something that all real estate businesses can benefit from, if used efficiently. You must do your homework well on comparing virtual assistant options globally to find one best suited to your budget and requirements. Lastly, virtual assistant are diverse and more beneficial than local assistants and can be a great return on investment.

Virtual Social Media Assistant Job Description Samples

A virtual social media assistant is a remote employee who is trained and experienced to assist your company with social media related tasks. They operate out of home and can help you with a lot. For example, managing handles, creating content, scheduling posts, engaging audience, researching for trends etc. Here is our compilation of virtual assistant job description samples that will help you come up with a crisp job description to attract good and experienced talent. Virtual Social Media Assistant Job Description Sample 1 If you're a small team or startup looking for assistance with social media management, here's a sample for you: Job Overview We are looking for an experienced virtual assistant who is well-versed with social media management and tools. You will be working in tandem with our team and reporting to the social media manager on our company's varied social media activities. The ideal candidate must be tech-savvy, creative and constantly learning new market trends.
Roles and responsibilities Manages company social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms Researches on social media trends and works on strengthening the company's social media presence. Creates interesting blogs, posts and videos to be shared. Schedules posts regularly on all the company's social media platforms Optimizes content following search engine optimization (SEO) Creates content that focuses on increasing audience engagement. Assists social media management with large projects, events, and community management Works as part of a team to develop large social media campaigns Analyses and reports audience information and demographics, and success of existing social media projects Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content Works with marketing and social media team members to coordinate ad campaigns with social media strategy Writes and distributes e-newsletters to subscribers Manages social media communications Job requirements Graduate; social media marketing certification or specialisation preferred Prior experience in a similar role Basic knowledge of designing on Canva, Crello etc. Well-versed with social media account management tools like Buffer, Crowdfire etc. Detail-oriented Strong communication and networking skills Good team player Virtual Social Media Assistant Job Description Sample 2 If you're a big brand or an already established company and need someone extremely resourceful and competitive, then here's a sample for you: Job Overview We are looking for an experienced virtual assistant with an established track-record in social media management. You will be assisting our social media team on their varied tasks. We're looking for someone who is detail-oriented, extremely competitive, creative and commendable designing skills.
Roles and responsibilities Manage company's social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms Constantly evolve with new social media trends. Creates interesting blogs, posts and videos to be shared. Get content approved and schedule it regularly on all platforms. Creates SEO friendly content. Create and implement strategies that focus on increasing audience engagement. Works as part of a team to develop large social media campaigns Analyse campaign metrics and create reports to be presented to the team Assist the team in creating monthly and annual social media strategy. Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content Manages social media communications Uses timelines and scheduled content to create a consistent stream of new content for audience interaction while analysing, managing, and altering schedules wherever necessary. Job requirements Graduate with specialisation in social media marketing Established track record as a social media assistant. Should have worked in large scale campaigns and audience engagement. Professional level designing skills on Canva, Crello etc. Well-versed with social media account management tools like Buffer, Crowdfire etc. Detail-oriented and focussed Trend researcher Good team player Virtual Social Media Assistant Job Description Sample 3 If you're a solo-preneur or an influencer looking for a virtual assistant to help you with social media, then here's a sample for you: Job Overview Need a social media wiz on an immediate basis! The ideal candidate should be well-versed with social media management and its tools with good internet access and willingness to work remotely. You will be a one-man army for all the social media related activities. Someone who is organised, planned, self-motivated, has basic designing skills with an eye for trends is the ideal candidate. Roles and responsibilities Manages all social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms Manages audience engagement and generates leads. Creates interesting blogs, posts and videos to be shared. Schedules posts regularly on all the company's social media platforms Creates content that focuses on increasing audience engagement. Researches for similar interests, people, influencers etc. for networking. Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content Writes and distributes e-newsletters to subscribers Manages social media communications Manages and regularly updates content planner Job requirements Graduate; social media marketing certification or specialisation preferred Prior experience in social media management Basic knowledge of designing on Canva, Crello etc. Ability to manage multiple social media accounts Basic knowledge of all social media management tools. Strong communication and networking skills Self-driven and committed. Tips to successfully hire a virtual social media assistant Ask for work samples or check the brands that they have worked for. Ensure that the creative calibre of your virtual assistant is in sync with your brand. If you're looking for some really high online presence growth, then ask your virtual assistant to share the growth metrics of brands/pages that she's worked for. If he/she has managed to generate a lot of following in the past, then you're in safe hands. Lookout for an assistant who is extremely passionate about social media and knows the game well. Getting help on the administrative aspects of social media management is definitely a deal but having someone who is sharp and intuitive to the changing internet trend is a go-grabber! Final Thoughts If you manage to find a good virtual social media assistant then you can actually save more than half your working week's time. As Chris Ducker had once stated that social media has the tendency to suck you in and deviate you from what you actually need to get done. An attractive job description that clearly states out the requirement and reflects the company culture tends to draw attention of resourceful candidates. To sum it up, it's important to make it look interesting.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

In the modern real estate jungle, a Realtor who can stay ahead of the curve is the king. But understanding how to beat the real estate market is not easy. It costs time, money and effort. Your real estate agency may be growing at breakneck speed, and you’d need to be superhuman to keep up. Or you need to hire a real estate virtual assistant. Training an assistant can cost you more than money. Instead, hire a real estate virtual assistant. There is a lot that a VA can do from finding leads, putting up site pictures, communicating with potential customers and much more. Real estate virtual assistants are just the right move for an edge in the real estate market. Serving as an extension of your real estate team, the real estate virtual assistant is the key to accomplishing business goals. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can take to your business to its full potential and the next level for these 10 important reasons. 1. Cost Efficient Solution Real estate agencies are constantly on the move. From checking emails to phone messages, a Realtor needs to organize each and every day and transaction. A real estate virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides you with the best services at budget prices. According to some estimates, real estate virtual assistants can streamline business labor cost by 40 percent. Additionally, your real estate business can avoid overheads like social security benefits, insurance for health, medical and unemployment purposes and a whole lot more. 2. No Leave or Holidays One of the biggest problems real estate agencies today face is the existence of labour laws that stipulate vacation, sick leave or overtime fees. Cut down on all these costs and add the productivity your business needs to get ahead, with a virtual assistant. As the real estate VA can work virtually, he or she can manage time more effectively. 3. Stay Ahead of the Trends The real estate business is changing with the advent of new technologies such as social media, and mobile-first online platforms. You need someone with specialized skills to create the perfect e-newsletter or update your listings and database and cash in on social media to remain in touch with clients and partners. This is where a virtual assistant comes in. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is a solid investment. 4. Avoid Payroll Paperwork and Management Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is an investment because outsourced virtual assistants pay their own taxes. They also do away with the need for payroll paperwork and management. 5. Cut Down on Infrastructure From company conferences and seminars to regular functioning, office equipment such as office supplies, computer and electricity are needed for in-house employees. Your VA provides the best services at the most affordable rates using his or her own virtual office and cut down on the need for a cubicle and its associated headache. 6. Boost Productivity Money is not the only currency real estate agencies deal in. Time is equally important. A real estate virtual assistant organizes the time so you can focus on what matters the most. Handle paperwork and incoming calls as you prepare for meetings and appointments by delegating these to the VA. The real estate virtual assistant can oversee communications, filter your work commitments and fulfil all the tasks allotted. Accomplish more in a day as you opt for a VA. 7. Pay As You Go Pay only for time spent on the task, and save your real estate business a fortune. Virtual assistants can function from any location at any time based on your needs and requirements, providing the flexibility to manage the budget and delegate tasks. 8. Supplement Staff Rather than hiring additional staff at peak times in the business, opt for virtual assistants as and when the need arises. Plus, a trained real estate virtual assistant is working by the hour and time tracking software monitors them, resulting in faster turnaround times whether you measure output in terms of leads generated or calls handled. From scheduling appointments with prospective clients to closing transactions and monitoring buyer or seller feedback, your real estate VA is the right choice for enhancing your sales conversion too. Experienced VAs can handle prospect management and lead generation with ease. 9. Improve the Work Quality Real estate virtual assistants are degree holders with varied skills and higher training and certifications in their domain areas. Consequently, you get finer work and more expertise at a lower price. Specialized skills are available, from organizing property listings, clients and contacts to managing and updating the CRM program so leads can turn into loyal customers. Whether you need a presentation for an important client, relevant content for real estate websites and well organized detailed spreadsheets for financial projections, a VA is perfect for the job. 10. Get Fresh Ideas A real estate virtual assistant is an extension of your work team. Virtual assistants are constantly catching up on real estate marketing trends, organizing and researching listings and ensuring your real estate website stands out. Knowing each of the client needs and preferences enables real estate virtual assistant companies to create communication that works best for your realty business. Final Words Hiring an in-house employee may cost USD 20 to 35 every hour, but there are also costs like taxes, insurance and benefits. Virtual assistants can get the job done in just under USD 6-10 per hour and you don’t even have to spend money on overhead costs or infrastructure. Working remotely, they are versatile, handling part-time as well as project-oriented work. Outsourcing the work is just about the best option for real estate professionals who want their business to grow. From administrative work like data search, storage and management to handling MLS and contract to close procedures, to marketing that includes creating campaigns, marketing materials and telemarketing your listings, there’s a whole lot more a realty VA can carry out compared to a regular EA. Sales support is another critical factor. National Association of Realtors holds that 80 percent of all sales are between the 5th and 12th contract. A persistent virtual assistant can really pay off. So, choose a good real estate virtual assistant and make the transition to a great business in record time.

100+ Lead Generation Tasks For Your Real Estate Virtual

Looking for easy ways to make business more profitable and productive? Real estate VAs can generate leads for businesses through a whole set of tasks. Lead generation is the key to a thriving real estate business and your real estate virtual assistant can be the key to growing your business. Read on to know about 95 ways real estate virtual assistants can generate leads for your realty business or real estate agency. 1. Follow Social Media Posting Schedules For showing up on Google ranks or getting traffic, posting on social media is important. To get massive traffic and solid leads to your real estate website in record time, social media is the key. Your VA can focus on lead capture and consistency. While all the social media experts espouse the virtues of these platforms, few can explain how to generate leads. With a real estate virtual assistant to follow a marketing plan and capture leads, you can change the outcomes for your realty business. From Pinterest to Instagram, new and upcoming social media platforms beyond Facebook and Twitter can generate the leads for you, with a real estate VA on the job. Estimates show that Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Facebook and Twitter combined. 2. Networking Professionally LinkedIn and other professional networking sites are another spheres where your real estate virtual assistant generates leads. LinkedIn updates your social network and helps to drive consistent updates from blog posts. Once LinkedIn updates are in place, lead generation is a cinch for you. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant helps to focus on core tasks because professional networking becomes simple. 3. Updating Correct Contact Details Real estate virtual assistants can gather traffic to your site provided your business contact details are correct. Consider Google Maps for instance. A lot of clients search for realtors with map apps. Your business needs to have visibility online if you are driving traffic to it. Close to 82% of all clients in the real estate business use mobile phones as GPS. So, mapping your business on phone maps can pay off. Virtual assistants can ensure lead generation by updating your contact information and submitting it everywhere. Leads are possible if current smartphone search trends are clear. For that clarity, access a real estate virtual assistant’s expertise. 4. Uploading Marketing Videos Real estate virtual assistants can make the virtual tours of your property listings available online on video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and more. Consider that top realty sites like Trulia and Zillow own most real estate oriented keywords. Chances are high you don’t even have enough SEO to show up for your own business name. If you want to show up when someone Googles you, video can overcome this limitation. 5. Email Marketing Which marketing method is surprisingly the lowest in terms of cost per lead? Be prepared to be amazed, for it is direct mail. But in order to succeed, you have to generate leads through all methods and (most importantly) ones that work. A string of mailers for ensuring the right letter goes out to buyers, sellers or renters for real estate listings are the right tools to use. Your realty VA can ensure that the correct letter reaches the right target. Timing is everything when it comes to email marketing. Your virtual assistant ensures you don’t miss the bus on this one. 6. Crafting Unique Content With any real estate website, you need to place text which is unique on your pages. Images and content need to stand out. Real estate virtual assistants can write short descriptions about neighbourhoods for website pages. From the top things in the community to the facilities and amenities close to the property site, there’s a lot to write. Here’s why your real estate virtual assistant is the best choice. You need to generate interesting and useful text for your listings. If the pages are unique, ranking first on Google is as simple as can be. 7. Securing Online Reviews Online reviews are the key to attracting more leads. Most realtors lack the time to follow up with clients and secure a review. But a virtual assistant does not. The VA can write a simple mail requesting feedback and thanking individuals for business. A pre-written email with links to respond to online surveys or send reviews can also work well. 8. Analyzing Keywords Real estate virtual assistants can create pages with keywords and titles. Now, get SEO optimized content to promote your listings and gain instant credibility and presence online. 9. Search For Free Advertising Platforms Your real estate VA can also add ads to free platforms like Gumtree, Kijiji and Craigslist to name just a few. Now browse the ads in the area and send daily property reports using the services of a real estate virtual assistant. 10. Expand Your Clientele Contacts can be searched for circle prospecting. When one sells a property in an exceptional neighbourhood, the seller’s neighbours can become your next client. But for this, there needs to be research and groundwork to assess the right approach. Your real estate virtual assistant can make it happen. 11. Use Lead Generation Tools and Sites Pull out phone numbers of prospects and leads using services like Mojo Sells which capture and offer owner data, so your listings can be comprehensive, by hiring a virtual assistant to do the legwork. 12. Access Litigated Properties Contacting lawyers in cases of litigated properties and mutual sale of assets for a referral deal can work if your real estate virtual assistant is on the job. The litigated properties could be valuable and an attractive choice for leads. So, let your real estate VA handle all the intricacies of this. 13. Expand Network in Areas of Interest Virtual assistants can use tools like zoom to find addresses and contact details for companies located in the area you operate in. This expands your list of potential leads. Local residents are also a good source for generating prospects. 14. Craft Evergreen Content Writing blog posts for content marketing is one thing. But offering unique, attractive and appealing content across platforms such as websites and social media can be the perfect solution for those realtors who cannot afford PPC campaigns and need investments that yield results. Real estate remote assistants can write the best content for your real estate business and help leads to be constantly attracted to evergreen data. 15. Install Lead Capturing Forms Using forms for capturing leads under social media or blog posts deliver better results than just using web forms on the contact page. Real estate virtual assistants can create these forms and convert website visitors into prospects. 16. Search For Listings That Are Expired Starting early and letting the VA track expired listings right before they do is important if you want to generate leads. The moment these listings expire, you need to be able to help sellers understand which offers cannot be made. Being proactive rather than reactive to the real estate market matters and your VA can help your business to stay a step ahead. 17. Knocking Doors: A Door to Door Approach- Coverage of Door to Door Lead Generation Door knocking is considered a way to generate leads. Real estate agents selling billion dollar properties praise this method of lead generation. But how do you keep track of the areas where your real estate agents can generate leads? Knowing the ground the agency has covered and what needs to be examined further, can help in speeding up processes. A virtual assistant can prove handy in such a case. 18. Developing Market Snapshots Helping agents locate new areas and places or avenues for making calls can be instrumental in boosting business prospects. A virtual assistant can help in researching new property development, develop market snapshots and discover the best places to make that pitch. 19. Creating Video marketing Funnels Inputting contacts and placing them in a video marketing funnel so that they can access educational content and tips on real estate markets can work too. To create the system that works though, you definitely need a virtual real estate assistant for the best outcomes. 20. Testing Lead Generation Software The software can also work when it comes to lead generation, but how will you know if the solution works well? It takes time to read everything from the press release to the free demo account to get an idea of testing new software and getting the most promising results. A virtual assistant can make this lead generation task easy for you. 21. Pursue Prospects The holy grail of real estate world markets is achieving a market connect. This can work if you have a virtual assistant to send your prospects the follow-up email or make the post first visit call. 22. Designing Your Realty Website Helping developers and graphics website designers to launch the perfect real estate website is not easy. A good home valuation or real estate listing site can stand out if a real estate virtual assistant is there to source the right talent and resources to grow your real estate website for generating those leads. 23. Run Ad Campaigns From Facebook to print media campaigns, you need to get sellers on the email list. Real estate agents can focus on Facebook, targeting potential clients based on the neighbourhood they are interested in. The same holds true for other ad campaigns. But whether you need to run ads offering free home appraisals to discounts, the real estate virtual assistant is someone whom you can take a chance on and win big. 24. Print Brochures When you are approaching clients such as buyers or sellers, it pays to leave more than just your business card behind. A brochure presenting the staff and stats can be a wonderful way to boost confidence and attract the right leads. 25. Schedule Meetings With Prospects Another great way to provide the perfect groundwork for lead generation is to approach homeowners about the information on one’s neighbourhood, and for setting up the meeting, who better to sort it all out than your ever ready and efficient virtual assistant? 26. Grow Your Universe of Leads Whether it’s adding people on Facebook, or connecting with a new follower on Twitter, virtual assistants can add new comments on posts, send direct messages and grow the network slowly but surely. 27. Organize Events For Connecting With Prospects An agent can also connect with neighbourhoods served by organizing local events from brunches to private real estate tours to help people to connect with your brand and enable you to position yourself as a top realtor. For all the basic work for organizing the event, trust your real estate virtual assistant. 28. Send Educational Information From brochures to catalogues, showcasing how hard your business works to make each sale a success will fill prospects with confidence. Lead generation through this method can be attained by hiring a real estate virtual assistant. 29. Mine Prospects Through Research Understanding how to establish a real estate lead list is easier if you have the latest market trends and business intelligence. The more in-depth the research, the higher are the chances of approaching communities and generating prospects. Your real estate virtual assistant can indicate fresh areas to prospect and farm clients. 30. Referral Marketing Virtual real estate assistants can also research referral marketing systems for implementation. Testing software solutions are the start. Your real estate VA could find systems used by successful rivals and implement the perfect referral marketing systems to suit your realty business’s growth needs. 31. Carry out Property Appraisals For the home appraisal, you need a real estate virtual assistant to do all the legwork, whether it involves culling data from numerous sources, preparing documents or reviewing these and making the necessary adjustments. 32. Manage Your Contact List Whether it’s updating your contact list or managing your database for CRM, a real estate virtual assistant can ensure contacts are added to the list, marketing funnels are in place and pinned onto the map. 33. Generate Reports For The Community For establishing yourself as a leading real estate agent in the community and transforming data into free reports which can be sent to generate prospects and invoke interests, the real estate virtual assistant is ideal. 34. Build A Vendor Database Apart from managing your list of customers, building links with vendors is the key to establishing your presence in the market and getting interested customers. Opt for updates to your vendor and contractor database or interact with the top names in the industry, once your real estate virtual assistant sets up meetings with them. 35. Attract Podcasters In today’s marketing scenario, the video is the new king. Pitching your achievements and experience to podcasters is crucial for attracting people. Displaying these radio shows and publications or podcasts can establish you as a market authority in the field. Real estate virtual assistants can pitch topics you may want to cover. 36. Call Buyers For Leads Once the sale is closed, calling buyers and asking about folks that may need a real estate agent can help you to land a new client. For all the legwork, trust your real estate virtual assistant. 37. Organize Postcards For Outreach Apart from marketing through flyers and catalogues, one of the time-tested methods for reaching out to the community you are targeting is to have postcards ready. Most real estate agents go beyond the season’s greetings card, so your VA can plan for their design, content, printing and delivery. 38. Liaison With the Press Having a weekly or monthly column can help you to attract all the attention and sustain interest. Your virtual assistant can identify local press journalists to keep in touch with, to get your name published and strengthen community ties. The real estate VA can even get mentions and pitch story ideas on your behalf. 39. Setting Up a Video Channel Real estate agents can also benefit from the video editing skills of the virtual assistant. Having a video channel in place can ensure real estate information boosts business. Video content published regularly on your own channel on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing sites can also be monitored by real estate virtual assistants. 40. Building Links With Local Lenders Lead generation involves providing an irresistible offer that buyers just cannot resist. Get local lender contact details from networking sites through your VA, so that your real estate agency can talk to the lender or partner with real estate agents. A trustworthy lender can add to your real estate agency brand value. 41. Communicate With Real Estate Attorneys Virtual assistants can also be ideal for locating real estate attorneys who recommend your real estate agency to their client. Building a great working relationship with local real estate attorneys can serve as a powerful lead generation mechanism. 42. Find Property Owner Associations Property or homeowner associations are also a great source of leads. Partnering with these associations is easy, with your virtual assistant ready to put in the hard work so that the most popular associations come under your net. 43. Interacting with Community Events Whether it’s a garage sale in the neighbourhood or a Facebook event, your real estate virtual assistant can help you by finding events bring communities closer and add them to your calendar. 44. Speaking at Local Events Finding local events where one could be a speaker on real estate trends is also a great way to connect with new clients. You can even generate media mentions, positioning yourself and driving traffic to your website, blog or social media account. 45. Respond to Real Estate Forums Responding to real estate themed queries on local web forums, the real estate remote worker can generate visibility for your real estate agency. Finding and collecting questions, placing these on spreadsheets, getting the response approved and published will help you to generate additional leads without spending cash on ads. 46. Create a LinkedIn Group Your VA can also create a LinkedIn Group where people from the community can interact and meet online. This increases the number of calls you can receive from potential clients. 47. Prepare Updates Regularly Part of being a lead generating real estate business involves providing updates on properties. Your clients and prospects will only stay with you if you are alert to their need for updates. Your virtual assistant can help you with such tasks. 48. Preparing Commercial and Industrial Trend Documents Commercial property owners can find it tougher to land a buyer. Sending them updates and helping them through the process can translate into better reviews post the sale, attracting more clients. For providing the updates on commercial and industrial trends, your VA is the best choice for the job. 49. Use Online Resources To Generate Market Snapshots Creating reports for clients from a scratch can be hard, and it works out better if your real estate VA can generate reports using PRNewswire, RPR reports, Home Disclosure dot com and other sites to generate interesting reports. 50. Follow Up on Agents, Attorneys or Inspectors Getting other agents to cooperate and sign the contract can be a chore. So can arranging for attorneys and inspectors. But all these services provide clients with a better experience and make them more like to recommend you to new customers. Real estate remote assistants can follow up on calls and emails for this. 51. Help Recruit the Right coordinator Transaction coordination is not easy. That is why you need a professional for the job. Make the transition and sale or purchase easy with a real estate VA recruiting the right person. The VA can draft the job description, publish posts, get resumes and more. 52. Prepare Attractive Yard Signs The ubiquitous yard sign plays a very important role in attracting leads. If your sign is unattractive, unappealing and incomplete, don’t expect to generate real estate leads. Ordering and creating attractive signs are the forte of a real estate virtual assistant. 53. Organize Business Cards Business cards are an important lead generation medium. From sourcing designers to find the best design, print shop and placing the order for new business cards, your virtual assistant can help in outreach as well. 54. Check your Cold Calling Scripts For cold calls from agents, there are certain rules to be followed. Real estate licenses may be needed to make calls to property owners. But a VA can check your cold call script and requirements with a lawyer so that you generate the maximum leads without breaking the rules. 55. Research Comparable Listings Part of being an effective real estate agent who attracts investors and buyers is to research comparable property listings in the area. The information needs to be processed by your real estate VA for saving you precious time. 56. Draft Marketing Plans Whether you are marketing properties that are new or second homes, you need a plan in place. Get a social media expert in your real estate virtual assistant for this purpose. 57. Help Teams Communicate Reviewing and preparing documents for your real estate team’s communication can be a handful. Each team differs with its own set of rules, norms, processes, procedures and requirements. The VA is flexible enough to adapt to lead generation team needs. 58. Correspond With Home Stagers, Property Inspectors Another rich source of real estate leads is home stagers and property inspectors. Ask your real estate VA for details on how to contact them and get the best deals to attract fresh clients. 59. Entering Data in MLS Multiple property listing services are a hot choice for real estate agents. But accessing the description of fields that need to be completed on the MLS is important too. Your real estate VA can help you to get there. 60. Updating Listings Updating and managing the listings is not an easy task. But keeping these listings updated is an important part of lead generation success. Your virtual assistant needs to update listings and tweet as well as post on Facebook regarding these. 61. Choose The Right Marketing Medium When you have an open house or property for sale, advertising about it in the right place is important. This involves choosing mediums that can reach people. Your VA can help you there as well. 62. Maintain CRM Your software CRM costs cash, and the only way you recover this is to update it always. Maintaining CRM software and systems for effective lead generation is another value of your real estate virtual assistant. 63. Recruit Fresh Calling Agents Making the call is perhaps the most important way to find motivated buyers or sellers. A remote assistant can source the right agents for the job. 64. Redesign Your Website From sourcing developers to launching the site and ensuring it is functional and appealing, a virtual assistant can offer a lot of lead generation benefits here too. 65. Calculate Cost Per Lead From client lifetime value to generating costs per lead, the real estate virtual assistant can let your business know how much you are spending on new clients and lead to a whole picture when it comes to lead generation. 66. Finding Out Costs For Media Channels Placing ads on local radios or television networks can be a great way to boost presence and improve visibility. If you need a presence online, your VA can find the most cost-efficient advertising channels. 67. Promote Real Estate Coaching Videos In creating summaries of real estate coaching videos, you can attract real estate clients too. With so many videos and so little time, following preferred specialists and creating actionable summaries is important. 68. Research How to Tackle Objections An important aspect of lead generation is knowing how to tackle the objections. Have your virtual assistant research how to tackle reservations on the part of the prospect and what stops them from becoming solid leads. 69. Generate Door Knocking Scripts When you have a door to door real estate agent, you need the perfect script. For an effective lead generation, delegate the research to generate door knocking scripts to your real estate virtual assistant. 70. Research New Techniques Marketers are always looking for new ways to promote their real estate value. If your real estate lead generation assistant can track top trends, it gives you the advantage of knowing what is hot in the market right now. 80. Contact Real Estate Business Coaches A real estate business coach can help you to identify flaws in your present lead generation system and rectify them. If you need to speed up growth, your VA can track down mentors and business coaches who can select your the best in the business without wasting hours or precious days. 81. Cut Down Marketing Costs Useless expenses can really bring a lead generation campaign to failing points. Track expenses across your organization’s marketing strategy and know where the cash goes, with a real estate VA to help you out. 82. Track Real Estate Competitors It is important to know what your competitors are up to. Their lead generation successes and failures can prove to be an important learning ground for your business. Find out how much web traffic their sites are attracting and their sales volumes, using the research skills of your real estate virtual assistant. 83. Organize and Prepare Seminar Materials Create public seminars where people can learn about how to buy a house and attract new clients and have your VA arrange PPT presentations, handouts and find and book spaces for advertisers to host your seminar. 84. Launch Your Business Blog A realtor blog can be the ticket to attracting new clients. Add pages to the team, listings and the buying/selling process and you’re good to go. When the moment is right, you can move into your domain. 85. Carry Out Ad Cost-Benefit Analysis For You Whether it’s online or offline, an ad can work wonders for your realty business’s lead generation efforts. When you lack the time to see which online and offline publications can allow ads for free or at cost effective rates, a real estate VA can come to the rescue. 86. Emailing Clients For Referrals Based on an analysis of files, and contacts, your real estate virtual assistant can prepare a list of old clients for getting fresh referrals. All you have to do is approve the communication mode and template your virtual assistant will use. 87. Create Powerful Infographics Text and image combined are more powerful than either alone. Post interesting infographics about your business on your site or social media platform, using the help of VAs and attract people who want to buy or sell properties. 88. Arranging Meetings For making the approach, when it comes to a new lead or prospective client, your seasoned virtual assistant is the right choice. 89. Drafting Scripts For Client Meetings Based on the kind of property, location or community facilities and amenities, your VA can prepare questions so important questions during the meeting are tackled and leads become loyal clients. 90. Research The Properties When you are buying a property or selling one, you need details about it. Attract more leads to your real estate listings by verifying property details, checking legal owner status, public record information and more using your real estate VA’s services. 91. Check Out Homes On Google Street View Your leads will only be attracted to appealing listings. So many people check houses on Google Street View. As a realtor, you need to research the images and text available publicly for your prospects to be attracted to your listings. A virtual assistant can save you precious time on this lead generation task as well. 92. Know About Property’s Proximity To Facilities And Amenities Your leads will only be generated and convert to sales if you as a realtor are aware of the facilities and amenities your properties come with. If your property is close to shops, malls, hospitals, schools and transport networks, the sale is easier and so is lead generation. Get your real estate VA to research this aspect too. 93. Check Up On the Neighbours Checking the type of business the neighbours are running is important, because if they have a busy home office and have a vast clientele, leads may shy away from crowded houses close to their property’s vicinity. This is another area your real estate VA can check up on. 94. Create Comparative Market Analysis Real estate virtual assistants can draft comparative market analyses so your data to support a presentation on market trends and current situations are in place. 95. Research Home Utility Suppliers Your relationship with a client post the sale is important. Your VA can come up with a list of suppliers for making the equation with homeowners positive and show your know-how in this field, attracting further leads. 96. Calculate the Maintenance For your real estate agency to generate leads, it is important you present the big picture to the clients or prospects to be. Your VA can calculate monthly and yearly utilities and details for potential buyers and sellers so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to attracting and converting leads into sales. 97. Edit Business Documents From seller disclosure forms to title deeds, your VA can check on documents. Proofreading real estate marketing documents is critical. A typo can leave your would-be lead unimpressed and it shows badly on the professionalism of your agency as well. 98. Locate Specialists Whether it’s a home stager or a property photographer, you need professionals and specialists in their field. Use a VA to widen your recruitment search and get the best candidate for your lead generation efforts. 99. Edit Listings Editing marketing documents are not enough. You need to proofread the listings as well. Whether it’s the text accuracy or what the images communicate, your VA is the right person for this task as well. 100. Handle Just Listed Notices Informing neighbours about just listed properties is important, for they could be a source for fresh clients. VAs can draft your Just Listed noticed and mail these to those in the community for better outreach. 101. Check Feedback Forms Another critical task your real estate VA is just right for, is to create and customize feedback forms post the showing. The data can be further analyzed to understand how potential leads view your property listing and your real estate agency staff and brand. It creates insights for lead generation. 102. Filter Genuine Buyers Your real estate virtual assistant can also set up filters for getting serious buyers and separating these from those looking for market intelligence, such as relocation or referral networks. 103. Recruiting New Team Members As your business grows, remote virtual assistants can help you find red-hot talent for your lead generation team. Reviewing resumes and interviewing selected candidates is easy with a VA to help you out. 104. Research Tax Prorations Your virtual assistant can research all the tax and utility-based prorations needed to answer your lead’s query and make them loyal clients. It can also improve client experience and lead your present customers to recommend new leads.

Virtual Assistant Services – In-Depth Guide

“Becoming a member of the new rich is not just about working smarter. It’s about building a system to replace yourself.” Tim Ferriss’ pearls of wisdom in the outsourcing bible, The 4-Hour Workweek, ring especially true for modern entrepreneurs. Tired of carrying the weight of running a business all on your shoulders? Desperately looking for help but don’t have a lot to shell out? If you’re a busy entrepreneur stretching themselves too thin each day, hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is one of the best things you can do for your business (and yourself). When it comes to finding the perfect virtual assistant, don’t let geography limit your reach. You’ll find an abundance of talent in countries across the globe. In addition, the worldwide outsourcing economy is growing by leaps and bound every year – in 2018, the global market size of outsourced services stood at USD 85.6 billion. So where can you find your perfect virtual assistant? Let us explore in detail the best countries for hiring a virtual assistant and the most popular services you can outsource. The best countries to hire a Virtual Assistant Virtual assistants hold an incredible variety of skill sets. No matter which industry your business operates in, you will be able to find one right for the job. Globally, the United States hires the most number of VAs. US companies are quick to take advantage of ample qualified talent in developing countries who work at a fraction of the cost. On the flip side, according to a 2016 survey by Gallup, nearly 40% of the US workforce was composed of VAs. It was also estimated that by the year 2020, this figure would cross the halfway mark due to volatile and uncertain global economic trends. Apart from the United States, China, India, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines have an extensive VA workforce across diverse work profiles. Entrepreneurs looking for affordable solutions look to Asian countries – India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. In fact, India and the Philippines have emerged as the top two destinations for outsourcing virtual assistant services. These two are a perennial source of talent. Apart from being highly educated, virtual assistants from these countries are adept at working with people of other nationalities and diverse cultures. Here’s an overview of the best virtual assistant services offered by various countries. Philippines Located at the crossroads of trade in South East Asia, Philippines has endured successive waves of colonization in recent centuries. It has leveraged this experience to become proficient in English, French and Spanish. This has made it one of the most preferred destinations worldwide for outsourcing, in particular from Spanish speaking countries. Here are some of the top virtual assistant services you can source from this country: Marketing Hire a VA to bring clarity and a sense of coherence to your online marketing strategies. A VA will plan and streamline all your marketing strategies to achieve the desired results. They can remotely manage all your social media marketing efforts efficiently and inexpensively. Here are some tasks your digital marketing virtual assistant can perform: Zeroing in on keywords for various search engines Promoting posts on blogs, pages and in classifieds Creating engaging content for your social media handles Developing and implementing AdWord campaigns Performing customer care and support Pricing: $5-25/hr Blog management If your business runs on SEO and content marketing, hire a VA to craft engaging blog posts. The VA will monitor and manage your content and editorial calendar. They can also coordinate the efforts of various writers and ensure that submissions are on time. Here is a sample list of tasks a blog management virtual assistant can perform: Proofreading and formatting posts prior to uploading Adding links and hashtags to a post Ensuring the post is SEO-friendly. For example, the VA will check whether keyword requirements are met Picking out appropriate non-licensed pictures in the public domain for a post Adding lead magnets and opt-ins to a post to expand the subscriber list Pricing: $3-30/hr United Kingdom The United Kingdom has always been proactive in taking advantage of new employment opportunities and emerging trends. In addition, the country takes advantage of being the centre of the Anglosphere. Indeed, being the birthplace of the English language allowed it to capitalize and corner a portion of the virtual assistance industry in record time. Here are some popular virtual assistant services the United Kingdom offers: Human resources Your virtual human resources assistant is adept at recruiting, hiring, onboarding, etc. This means you no longer have to build an in-house team of recruiters and support staff. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual human resources assistant can perform: Posting job requirements on employment websites Creating task requirements and employee contracts for your perusal Reviewing resumes and previous work experience of prospective candidates Conducting the initial phone interviews Conducting background checks and finalizing interviews Pricing: $15-45/hr Internet marketing Your internet marketing virtual assistant specializes in marketing your business online. Their primary job is to enhance your business’ presence on the internet and get quality leads for the sales team. From content syndication to making and posting videos, they can handle the entire spectrum of your internet marketing efforts. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual internet marketing assistant can perform: Creating and updating the business’s social profiles Managing content marketing efforts Social media management Creating web feeds Video marketing Organizing webinars Email marketing Optimizing website and contact forms Search engine optimization Pricing: $20-40/hr Canada Not far behind the United States, Canada’s much-touted multiculturalism has translated into benefits for its virtual assistance industry. In fact, having bi-lingual and even tri-lingual workers has allowed it to perform virtual assistance services for many other countries in their native languages, such as in South Korea, Japan and several European countries. Here are some popular virtual assistant services offered by Canada: Graphic designing Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual graphic designing assistant can perform: Designing with software such as CoralDraw, Adobe PhotoShop etc. Creating banners, icons, logos and other art for your social media and branding Presenting website design mock-ups for your approval Creating design for ad copies and landing pages Creating designs for brochures, flyers and leaflets Pricing: $25-30/hr Personal assistance Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual personal assistant can perform: Taking down dictation Performing remote receptionist tasks such as checking messages, leaving voicemails or answering calls Filing all your digital documents Converting files from one format to another Sorting through customer feedback and to locate pertinent issues for your attention Pricing: $10-40/hr India India was one of the first countries to grab the chance to develop itself as the premier outsourcing location in the world. In the mid-1990s, Indian companies worked alongside US companies in Silicon Valley and today, the Indian outsourcing industry has matured to include virtual assistant services well beyond just the IT sector. According to AT Kearney’s 2016 Global Services Location Index, India is the leading destination for outsourcing. The country offers a unique depth and breadth of skilled, English-speaking labor that other countries simply cannot match. With a strong US Dollar, India’s competitive advantage only increases with time. Today the Indian virtual assistance industry has expanded to be the best in the world in the following services: Social media management Every entrepreneur spends a number of hours per week wrestling with social media. Whether creating brand awareness or marketing campaigns, it is far more effective to delegate these tasks. Your business’s presence on various social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on can be handled by an experienced VA. Here are some tasks your social media virtual assistant can perform: Creating business pages on Google+, LinkedIn and/or Facebook Putting together an attractive social media profile for the business Posting fresh content Scheduling the posting of content on various social media Strategizing to keep current customers and attract potential ones Measuring performance and analyzing results Watching out for competitor strategies on social media Pricing: $10-20/hr Copywriting Every bit of communication involves some form of writing. Fresh, engaging content for your ads, blog posts and social media pages can turn the tide in your favor. Hire a copywriting VA to create new content or repurpose existing one. Here is a sample list of tasks a copywriting virtual assistant can perform: Writing blog posts Writing copy for flyers, brochures and web pages Creating snippets for social media Content creation for case studies and white pages Pricing: $10-30/hr E-commerce E-commerce is a globally booming industry that sees cutthroat competition. What better way to outperform competitors that to hire an e-commerce VA? Here is a sample list of tasks your e-commerce virtual assistant can perform: Product data entry Product taxonomy and classification Daily inventory management Order processing Monitoring shipping and deliveries Creating SEO-appropriate content Selecting and editing product images Monitoring returns and exchanges Competition analysis Managing profiles on eBay, Amazon, Magneto, Shopify Pricing: $2-30/hr Customer service Your business’ customers are its priority, their 360-degree satisfaction its ultimate goal. To  incorporate customer suggestions and resolve complaints, delegate routine customer interactions to a VA. This will free up your time to focus on improving product offering and delivery. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual customer support assistant can perform: Resolving customer service issues Creating FAQs for common questions and bulk email responses Following up with customers to ensure that their issues have been solved satisfactorily Coordinating with delivery agents and technicians Dealing with requests for exchange and/or refunds Pricing: $15-30/hr Australia An essential part of the Anglosphere, Australia’s USP lies in the massive English proficiency it can offer. This coupled with the high professional standards of every Australian industry has allowed having a virtual assistance brand right from the get-go. Today, it is a preferred destination for businesses who want to hire affordable virtual assistants from a first world country. Here are some virtual assistant services Australia offers: Telemarketing With the right virtual telemarketer, you can boost the growth of your business and convert customers at a rapid pace. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual telemarketing assistant can perform: Researching on locations for telemarketing campaigns Negotiating prices Setting appointments Narrowing down call prospects Cold calling prospective investors and customers Following up with leads Presenting customer complaints which require immediate attention Pricing: $10-50/hr Research Hiring a full-time employee for research is a costly proposition, especially for small businesses. With a virtual research assistant, you can get all your research tasks complete at a fraction of the cost. Your research VA is trained in leveraging the web for sourcing information. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual research assistant can perform: Creating and updating databases Finding flight schedules Locating networking opportunities Performing competitor analysis Any research task that needs the Internet Pricing: $20-50/hr United States The United States is the mother ship for all virtual assistance services. Due to various economic upheavals in the past two decades, several thousand workers were laid off. Also, first time workers entering the economy were unable to find full-time jobs which their parents and grandparents could. This, combined with massive internet penetration, led to a mushrooming part-time industry where people could work from home and manage several commitments at once. Here’s a lowdown of the best virtual assistant services in the USA. Executive assistance Your secretary or executive assistant typically represents your business to customers. This friendly voice on the phone no longer needs to be at the same physical location as you. With a changing landscape of work, it makes complete sense to hire a virtual executive assistant that works for you remotely. No longer restricted by geography, you can tap into a global talent pool and land highly qualified executive assistants. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual executive assistant can perform: Banking tasks such as transferring funds and managing different bank accounts Billing customers and vendors Maintaining a calendar of important professional commitments and helping you prepare for meetings Preparing codes of conducts and training manuals for workers, employees or even other VAs Maintaining crucial cloud computing resources of the business such as OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox, also ensuring that regular backup of data is being maintained Pricing: $10-50/hr SEO Search engine optimization is undoubtedly critical to being found on the internet by your customers. With a remote SEO specialist, you can get your website to rank high through the use of the right keywords. Your virtual SEO assistant can hold expertise in different areas - website analysis, keyword analysis, copywriting, SEO campaigns, etc. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual SEO assistant can perform: Creating and managing a landing page Researching high traffic websites for ad placement Monitoring traffic on website using Google Analytics reports and creating monthly or even actionable reports Designing and implementing SEO strategies Sourcing publishers or content marketing agencies to promote online content Setting up follow-up emailing mechanisms for instant responses to frequently asked questions Pricing: $15-30/hr Web development Because all your customers are on the web, it only makes sense to invest in your online presence. Given the democratizing force that internet is, your VA can work from any part of the world. Your web development VA is an integral part of your business that understands its larger vision and continuously works on the face of your brand – the website. With a virtual web development assistant, you can maintain a user-friendly and updated website that boosts your business’ credibility. Here are some tasks you can delegate to your virtual web development assistant: Building a user-friendly and responsive website navigation system Installing ticketing and payment gateways Updating the website with latest HTML, JavaScript, CSS, APIs and JQuery software updates Preventing data loss by creating a secured data management system Coding for affiliate marketing Pricing: $25-40/hr Singapore Famed for its miracle economic growth, the service industry is the backbone of this city-state’s economy. Singapore is a seasoned player in providing VA services, in particular, the following: Real estate Today, the top real estate firms in the world hire VAs to streamline their costs so why should you fall behind? Once you communicate which task you want to be performed and how a VA will handle the rest. Whether it's compiling and filing paperwork, arranging meetings or responding to calls and emails, the VA will have you covered. Here is a sample list of tasks a real estate virtual assistant can perform: Scouring through real estate classifieds from both print as well as online media Posting ads on Zumper, RentLinx, Zillow, Postlets and others Responding to potential renters about preference-based listings Following up with prospective buyers and renters Working with other professionals in the field such as appraisers, home inspectors and insurers Researching and reporting on potential property acquisitions Pricing: $20-40/hr Inventory management It is vital you maintain the right amount of inventory to serve customer demand and keep operations running smoothly. It is expensive to stock inventory, so policies such as Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management should be implemented. A VA can monitor your inventory levels remotely and ensure that you are kept informed about re-stocking levels and dates. Here is a sample list of tasks an inventory management virtual assistant can perform: Checking inventory guidelines are followed Regular stock taking to ensure inventory levels are maintained Updating and maintaining records on incoming and outgoing inventory Responding to purchase orders and sales enquiries Spotting discrepancies between physical stock quantities and records Maintaining relationships with vendors as a support to the production department Pricing: $5-60/hr Research The availability of accurate information is crucial for effective decision making in your business. Not only should the information be credible, but also actionable. However, research can be a time consuming and arduous process. Fortunately, you can hire a VA to perform all your internet research needs. Here is a sample list of tasks your virtual research assistant can perform: Locating credible websites for the latest information Double checking for data’s relevance and reliability Compilation and presentation of information in an understandable format Researching on competitors’ moves Comparing quotations and prices for selecting a cost appropriate vendor Pricing: $5-25/hr Malaysia With its dynamic economy and a fast-growing urban population, Malaysia found itself in need of urgent jobs creation. Consequently, it focused on developing a robust outsourcing industry. Today, an increasing number of young people joining the workforce get a head start with providing the following virtual assistant services: Event management An event management VA can remotely set up and coordinate various vendors for all your online classes, conferences and webinars. Many of them will even be able to perform event management offline, such as getting wedding invitations designed, picking the florists and decorators within budget, etc. Here is a sample list of tasks an event management virtual assistant can perform: Putting together a list of eminent guest speakers Communicating and making arrangement for the guest speakers Promoting the event on social media Setting up an online platform for a webinar, such as on Adobe Connect, Google Meet and Monitoring the event for any glitches Acting as a remote moderator, for example sorting through questions and comments from the audience which the speaker can then respond to Pricing: $5-100/hr Ad campaigns Every business has to create and manage effective ad campaigns online if it wants to survive. Hire a VA to write, design and post your ads on various social media platforms. This is a highly specialized skill, so it has to be done right to attract attention. Here is a sample list of tasks a digital marketing virtual assistant can perform: Segmenting the audience by demographics, income bracket, gender etc. Researching on what attracts customers currently and capitalizing on that Graphic designing and copywriting your ads Monitoring how viewers react to an ad and what actions they take and their comments Conducting a cost-benefit analysis for each ad campaign Pricing: $20-300/hr Brazil The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. This has significantly hampered the country’s efforts to attract clients interested in outsourcing from the English speaking world. However, Brazil has made up for this handicap by focusing on providing the following technical VA services: Data entry Data entry is crucial to your business but that doesn't mean you have to like it. Cumbersome and irritating, data entry is also immensely time-consuming. Here, a data entry VA can prove to be a messiah for your business and your peace of mind! Here is a sample list of tasks your data entry virtual assistant can perform: Collecting, sorting and compiling data for system entry Performing a final review of the data to determine accuracy, relevance and credibility Regularly updating the database and deleting outdated files Generating and forwarding system reports on the data for decision making Pricing: $10-20/hr Bookkeeping Bookkeeping is the cornerstone of all organizations, whether commercial or not. This essential function requires time, effort and money. A small business can ill afford such demands on a constrained budget. Here, hiring a VA is a bargain, a supremely affordable option compared to taking on a full-time employee. Here is a sample list of tasks a bookkeeping virtual assistant can perform: Maintaining accurate and complete bank records Payment to vendors and employees on time Preparing and filing taxes and returns Recording, classifying, summarizing and entering data into the system Preparing reconciliation statements for bank accounts, credit card payments, vendor receivables and payables, etc. Pricing: $10-40/hr China In recent years, China has worked tremendously hard to build English language proficiency in its people. Although it is still far behind India and the Philippines, it has managed to take the first steps in developing a VA industry. Today, these are the virtual assistant services China specializes in: Administration Delegate all the draining administrative tasks to a virtual assistant to save time and hassle. The VA will perform efficiently while you can be effective to concentrate on core business processes. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual administrative assistant can perform: Managing and updating your contacts Handling elementary payroll duties Invoicing and filing Responding to calls and emails Data entry and bookkeeping Scheduling meetings with customers and vendors Making travel arrangements Managing your daily personal commitments – such as delivering flowers on your loved ones’ birthday or scheduling a dentist’s appointment Pricing: $5-20/hr Email management Every entrepreneur has experienced the sinking feeling that a full email inbox brings. Wading through the mass and sorting the important emails takes away a huge chunk of time. Conducting business online involves even more email. This is where the organization skills of a VA can help out in inbox management. Here is a sample list of tasks a virtual email assistant can perform: Checking your inbox Labeling and sorting emails Prioritizing emails to be responded to Archiving important emails Forwarding emails which require a personal response from you Forwarding emails to core team members depending on their profile Pricing: $5-25/hr Generating leads Being able to accurately locate customers looking for your services in time can give you a serious leg up over the competition. So, you need a reliable person to perform this time-consuming task. An efficient and detail oriented VA will be up to the challenge! Here is a sample list of tasks a part-time virtual assistant can perform for lead generation: Sourcing leads by setting up Google Alerts for specific keywords Creating a system to collect and categorize leads by location, product etc. Cold calling or emailing potential customers Reaching out to potential leads on social media Pricing: $15-40/hr According to The Week, there are 5,000+ virtual assistants listed on Upwork, 74,000+ on Guru, 26,000+ on Freelancer. But as a busy entrepreneur, do you really have the time to profile each candidate, test their skill set, and finally train them?

Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description Samples

A virtual real estate assistant is a remote employee who works on varied real estate related tasks as per client's requirement. They can be hired for part-time as well as full-time support. Depending on your requirement and the scale of business, they are trained and equipped to work with individuals, small and large teams. Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description Sample 1 If you're a small team and looking for a virtual assistant to help you with your administrative tasks, then here's a sample for you. Job Summary We are looking for a virtual assistant to help our team with varied administrative and research related tasks for our real estate company. We are a small team and growing company, so our ideal candidate would be zealous about real estate industry in general, quick learner and great multi-tasker. Roles and Responsibilities Manage customer queries and respond to them with the relevant pre-set template. Customer follow-up. Generate leads online. Manage the social media handles and upload property photos and engage audience. Create and maintain the database of leads generated. Create presentation and property marketing materials. Manage appointments and schedule and send reminders. Job Requirements Graduate Prior experience in a similar role in the real estate industry Good communication skills Organised and self-driven Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description Sample 2 If you're a super-busy realtor looking to delegate a lot of your business related tasks to a virtual assistant, then here's a sample for you. Job Summary
I'm on the urgent lookout for a virtual assistant who can work remotely to assist me on my daily business as well as personal tasks. You will be primarily working on tasks related to the real estate industry as I have a successfully growing realtor business. The ideal candidate would be willing to work in my time zone, must be organised and have prior experience in the real estate industry.
Roles and Responsibilities Send out new property deals to customers. Regularly share property photos on our social media handle and create attractive posts. Manage customer queries and respond to them with the relevant pre-set template. Customer follow-up. Constantly research for new leads and maintain database for the same. Research for market trends and news and communicate it on a weekly basis. Create presentation and property marketing materials. Manage appointments and schedule and send reminders. Job Requirements Prior experience in a similar role in the real estate industry Soft-spoken and good customer management skills Well-versed with lead generations tools and techniques. Willing to work in my time zone. Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description Sample 3 If you're an established real-estate giant looking to try out a virtual assistant to delegate a part of your overwhelming administrative tasks to, then here's a sample for you. Job Summary
We are an establish real estate company with projects worldwide. We are looking for a virtual assistant to help our team with varied administrative and research related tasks for our real estate company. We operate on a large scale and have global presence, hence the support required would be full-time. Our ideal candidate would be a good administrator, soft-spoken and with great interpersonal skills.
Roles and Responsibilities Research for upcoming real estate conferences globally and make arrangements for the set team to attend the same. Inbox management Manage customer queries and respond to them with the relevant pre-set template. Customer follow-up. Generate leads online. Update your CRM with notes on leads. Manage the social media handles and upload property photos and engage audience. Create and maintain the database of leads generated. Create presentation and property marketing materials. Manage appointments and schedule and send reminders. Make logistic arrangements for inter-departmental meetings. Job Requirements Graduate Worked in an administrative role in a real estate firm previously Self-motivated Good team player Are Virtual Real Estate Assistants worth the money? Watch these two interviews with real estate giants Tim Mai and Ryan Johnson, who share their insights and hacks with the realtor business. They talk about their experience with a virtual real estate assistant and how they used a VA to benefit their business! Final Thoughts These job description samples are to help inspire you to come up with an extremely creative one for yourself. In recent times, virtual assistants have shown to be an extremely resourceful value-addition to the realtor business, owing to their potential. Lastly, if you're looking to hire a really awesome real estate virtual assistant then do make sure to coin up a really crisp and inviting job description.

12 Important Tasks for Your Virtual Social Media Assistant

Think social, go global with a social media management virtual assistant to help you out and establish an active social presence online. If you think that social media is not important for growth, sustainability or business success, your company is making a big mistake. Remember that your digital presence marks your visibility online. Making a great first impression is important for lasting success. For prospects or customers who find you online, your social media profile is the ticket to growth. Consider the numbers. Around 90% of those looking for a business go online. Google is the most visited site online while Facebook comes in a close second. Twitter, as well as LinkedIn, also make it to the top sites people visit, according to Alexa. It doesn’t stop there. Research has found half of those with Twitter accounts recommend brands online and make purchases based on online social networking. When it comes to boosting a business, your followers on social media matter.If you are an entrepreneur or business owner overwhelmed with the challenge of creating social media memes and images or Facebook videos, it’s time you hired a social media management virtual executive. Social media management virtual assistant can meet so many challenges and ensure you have a social media post that attracts likes, shares, comments and loyal followers. Here’s how they bring your social presence up to date: 1. Powerful Visuals According to Kissmetrics, content which contains images that are relevant is viewed 94 percent of the time more than content without images online. Another interesting point is that when people see images, they retain information better. How do you find royalty-free yet appealing images for a social media post? Hiring a virtual assistant is the best way to go about it. They can surf the web and come up with creative images and taglines to boost your brand. 2. Content Curation Content created by other thought leaders may have relevance for your business. While a small percentage of content online should be owned and promotional, a majority should be curated. Your social media virtual assistant can create posts on your social media account by incorporating keywords that link to the curated content and there you have it, the perfect post is ready for your customers and leads. 3. Tracking Brand Mentions Online reputation management has become critical.Most customers expect companies to respond 24/7 to social media posts. Lots of comments appear online and tracking these requires more than a skilled eye or a steady hand. You need a persistent, alert and tech-savvy social media virtual assistant you can rely on to monitor and track interactions every day. 4. Promoting Your Blog Posts Creating your business blogs is only the start. our blogs also need to be promoted through social media. Creating quality posts and memes are not enough. You need a social media virtual assistant who can make the process of sharing these easier too. 5. Updating Profiles For your business, staying relevant can make the difference when it comes to making profits. Social media platforms are powerful channels to accomplish this. But if you want to reach your target audience, you need to ensure that your company information is updated rapidly. Whether it’s creating new pages on social media or updating your profiles to stay ahead in organic searches on Google, your social media virtual assistant can be spot on, for adding new relevance to your brand image online. 6. Content Management A critical part of social media posts is that they need to be fresh, accurate and important for your audience. So whether the task involves researching, curating, scheduling or posting fresh content and editing posts, outsourcing these can save you time and rake in the profits. 7. Engaging Audiences Social media loses its value if you are not social.Networking online has many different facets associated with it. Monitoring comments, responding to these and using social media contests to create a buzz around your products is hard. Social media virtual assistants can make it incredibly easy. Now find more followers and run your network, with a skilled social media expert at hand to manage every challenge. 8. Having Metrics in Place Tracking the social media profile and posts can be the route to growing your business. Analytics plays an important role in influencing whether your business is growing or not. Measure these carefully with the aid of a virtual assistant who is trained to handle sophisticated analytics. Using metrics to track website traffic, bounce rates, views per page and analyzing data are just some of the advantages of hiring a social media virtual assistant. 9. Creating New Accounts There’s more to creating a social media account than logging online and registering. You need to research where your potential clients meet and find industry associated groups and organizations that can be joined. Without thinking about these aspects, managing your social media account will be hard. Social media account creation and management are hard to arrive at. Experienced virtual assistants can guide you to get there faster. 10. Managing Business Pages While handling your social media profile is easy, an official social media handle is another ball game altogether. You need to follow websites and blogs associated with your industry to get the latest news. But having a virtual assistant can prove valuable for building your visibility online, as these skilled professionals can add to business growth by filtering and managing your data better. 11. Adding New Features Adding to social media posts and sites can be challenging. But a social media virtual assistant can give your business the visibility it needs to stay ahead. Your virtual assistant can create important posts for social media sites and submit these to newsletters, blogs and e-zines as well. 12. Adding the Editing Edge Proofreading is an art. Whether your virtual assistant needs to carry out light, medium or heavy editing, he or she has the skills to ensure each post is screened for readability and value before it reaches your audience online. Conclusion So there you have it… social media management virtual assistants can make a massive impact on your business bottom-lines and front-end visibility. Your virtual identity represents an integral part of the company’s brand value. As a fiercely competitive ecosystem along with instant connectivity makes speed, value and worth of social media communication even more important, your social media virtual assistant is your secret weapon and outreach guru you simply cannot do without.

How to Crush Deals Using a Sales Call Script [Free Templates]

A sales call script can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Used well, it’s your guiding light to navigate a conversation. But abuse it and you become a telemarketing robot that sweats when forced to go off-script. The Science Behind Sales Call Script Success First thing’s first: Write an outline of what you want to say. It’s the best way to make sure you hit the right points during your call. (Keep reading for sales call script templates examples to copy/paste) Remember, your goal isn’t to pitch someone on the spot; it’s to get them to commit to a meeting. Next: Choose the right time. If you’re not sure where to start, try Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. A Yesware analysis of over 25,000 calls made through our phone dialer discovered this is the best window. We found that sales calls lasting over five minutes most often occur 3:00 to 5:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Whatever time you choose, make sure to block it off on your calendar. Ready, set: Time to call. When it’s go-time, remove any visual distractions so you’re fully present to lead the conversation. Here’s what you’ll need: your prospect list (ideally with prior research about the person), your sales call script, and a place to jot down call notes.  Try one of these science-backed steps to boost your confidence. The Bad Sales Call Script: How To Get Yourself Hung Up On Don’t be sketchy about who you are or why you’re calling. Mystery buys time but can bite you later. Don’t talk at your prospect. Use questions to connect early on. Don’t give up if you don’t reach them the first time. It’s the marathoners who get the worm. Don’t just use the phone; “Double tapping calls with emails increases your chances,” says Yesware Sales Manager Joel Felcher. Don’t paraphrase what your prospect does. They already their job. Instead, impress them with how well you know their pains. A use case: The sales call script that prospects everywhere are begging you to stop using. Completely Cold: How to Master Your First Attempt If you’re calling someone who’s never talked to you before, they will likely be on the defense. When they pick up the phone, they’ll be wondering these questions that you need to address: Who are you? Why are you calling me? How do I actually benefit? What are you asking for? Your sales call script needs to answer these questions truthfully while keeping the biggest cold call haters on the line. Here’s a secret: You both share a similarity. You and this person have something in common—a background, a hobby, or a piece of knowledge. Maybe you went to rival colleges, or are big fans of tattoos, or have worked with the same person in the past. Or it could even be a person. Facebook recently proved that the degrees of separation between strangers is smaller than we all thought; it’s only 3.5 people. Finding your commonality (and bringing it up in a natural way) makes you more attractive to your prospect. How to get there: First, take a couple minutes to research your prospect online—the person and the company. Find a compliment or a specific pain point; your acknowledgement of this intimate fact can serve as your bond. Then, come up with a connecting statement for your sales call. Something like this: “Hey, I happened to notice that you’re connected to Sarah Cuddy. I actually worked with Sarah up until last year at LiveCourse. She’s great to work with!” “I’ve had my eye on RealDrive for a while as an awesome company, and I noticed that your team is hiring for a Sales Operations role. Congratulations on how fast your scaling! I see you guys all over Boston.” “Before I dive into why I’m calling, I just wanted to say, congrats on the recent funding! I read about it on TechCrunch. Awesome news for the SaaS community.” Next, organize your script: Introduction (your name + company) Connecting statement / Reason for calling Qualifying Ask Here’s an example of a sales call backed with this type of script: Prior History: What to Say When You’ve Called or Emailed Before When you’ve already tried and been ghosted, all the more reason to show them personal value. As simple as it sounds, the sweeping majority of sales call scripts lack the “what’s in it for you.” The prospect you’re calling is a person with a real job, with real needs and frustrations. Connect with that reality. Prove you aren’t just cycling through selling activities with your own agenda. Forbes contributor Carrie Kerpen puts it perfectly: Every cold outreach that I’ve ever given 15 minutes of my time to was because they were memorable, and because I didn’t feel like a tally number on a board of “calls made.” Every single one was about how they could add value to my business in a way that others couldn’t.
Want to get me to talk to you? Learn something about me, and deliver it in a way that resonates. Here’s how to organize this type of call: Introduction Context (When you last reached out and why you’re calling) Possible Value Prop (PVP) Value Prop Ask Dubbed by Art Sobczak’s book Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection of Cold Calling, PVP is an important concept. It helps you stimulate your prospect’s curiosity, keep them talking, and book a meeting. Before your call, outline each of the key personas that you will be talking to. Then ask yourself: What does their daily world look like? How are they measured? How can you impact that? As it relates to what you offer, what do buyers want? What do they want to avoid? To give you an example of a PVP, here’s what ours looks like for different prospect personas: When you’re developing your own PVP, think about value as a result of your product. (Hint: It isn’t just the product in itself.) Show them the end-goal. And don’t just talk at them—engage with the person you’re talking to by asking questions. Script Use Case: Hurdling Roadblocks: How to Overcome Objections with Ease The best way to bury an objection is to use the Best Friend Formula. You show your prospect that you’re on their side, just like their best friend would be. This formula comes down to a three-part formula: Relate — Show that you understand and emphasize. Bridge the gap — Offer new information that makes it easy to move forward. Ask again — Get their commitment And it works any of these objections: We already work with a competitor This isn’t a priority right now Email me your information Not interested Real use case: Here’s how our own Ian Adams perfected this technique with the “just email me” objection: Notice how he didn’t fight the objection head on? Ian worked with his prospect to get to the end-goal together — well done. BONUS: Voicemail Script When your prospect doesn’t pick up, leave a carefully crafted voicemail. Think of it as an audio email, and keep it to 20-30 seconds. Don’t worry about a reply; just focus on continuing to nurture your prospect’s trust in you. Want to guarantee that your voicemail is heard beyond the first five seconds? Then insert your connecting statement at the beginning, right after you say who it is calling, and end off with a note that triggers curiosity. Real use case: The voicemail script below combines a trifecta of persuasion techniques: Social proof A metric that makes the value statement more compelling A closing statement that sparks curiosity and is scientifically proven to drive action. That’s all we’ve got for now with the scripts. What about you? What sales call scripts have you had the most success with? Are there approaches you’ve learned to steer clear of?

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