Knowing the impact of social media platforms, it will always be a necessity for companies to have an online presence. This is where social media marketing takes place. By allowing your customers to be in touch with you through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram—to name a few, is already a big step towards your success. The same goes on your end—to understand your customers’ demands and know how to reach out to them whenever the tides change.  Having a strong social engagement towards your audience is the key to elevate sales and retain loyal customers.

What your brand is missing out?

Social media is extremely popular for both brands and audiences. If your brand does not have any presence on any social media platform, you’re missing out lots of opportunities. The same goes if you are on social media and yet not connecting or engaging with your target audience or engaging with them but struggling to maintain the social strategy a success.

A business needs a social media presence now more than ever. But it also needs to make sure that the social profiles and pages are running optimally so it may benefit from the engagement levels.

If this business case is not winning over your decision-making, then we will let these statistics talk.

  • Social media has an estimated 3.2 billion active users monthly

  • An active user spends 116 minutes on social media daily

  • Filipinos spend 3 hours and 57 minutes every day on social media

  • Up to 3.2 billion images are shared daily

  • Almost 80% of time spent on social channels are accessed through mobile devices

  • About 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social channels

  • About 42% of users complaining on social media expects a response in 60 minutes or less

No brand should underestimate these numbers and what these highly useful tools can do in making your posts and updates reach more, targeted audience.


Social media can help achieve a lot of different things, but in order to get results, it’s important to get clear on EXACTLY what it is you are hoping to achieve from a social media campaign or regular posting. Below are a range of a few objectives social media can help with to get you thinking about what you need. Please note, some of the objectives below require larger financial investment than others to achieve.

Why social media marketing?

Developing brand awareness is more than just amassing followers on social media. Instead, it is about targeting the relevant people–your target audience. Social channels are equipped with the tools to match your target followers with brand-congruent demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Building lasting relationships is possible through strong and deep connections. When engagement levels are high, your target people are more likely to purchase your product or avail your services. Skeptics may say that engagement points such as likes, comments, and shares are vanity measures, but they are also effective in gauging how the brand connects with its audience.

Increasing visibility results in leads, sales, word of mouth referrals, and thus, more sales. Other than Google treating social proofs as a ranking signal, social pages and profiles serve as the gateway to the company’s main website. Social conversions can be turned into real conversions.


Our social media marketing services understand that you have a marketing agenda, but the core focus is building a community around your brand and its products and services.

Strategy Development 

Having a solid social strategy is vital, part of which is choosing the most appropriate social platforms for the nature of your business. There should be a clear impetus behind the choice. Testing and analyzing the most relevant platforms, as well as types of content, are fundamental to the process.

Page Optimization

Getting on social media is paramount to kicking off the campaign in the right direction. Branding the accounts and pages is an important component of optimization. The use of social keywords to target the audience and content also contribute to achieving the goals of the campaign.

Campaign Development and Management

Creating a social campaign from scratch is not without difficulties and what more managing such. No two social campaigns are alike; not even for the same brand targeting two different platforms. The campaign, however, must be backed by research and analysis. Social listening is also crucial in the early stages of the campaign.

Paid Ads Set Up and Management

Engaging a wider audience is also possible through boosting. The campaign shall start with social ads setup and followed by reliable management of the set up of the sponsored posts.

Community Building and Management

Social campaigns thrive because of the high engagement levels of the community members. Community building is fundamental in real-time campaign management.

Multimedia Content Creation and Publication

Each social channel has a unique content requirement. Limited are those pieces of content that can be used on multiple social sites. Content must be designed for that particular channel. Content policies and best practices also apply. The content published must help in spreading the intended message–they should be engaging and share-worthy.


We create meaningful connections. To truly maximize the social conversation, the business must provide value to the target audience through the content it shares. Meaningful connections are founded on valuable information. Thus, your feed must read like an easy conversation, not a self-serving advertisement peppered with posts about your products and services.

Research and Analysis

In every marketing strategy, you always start with research. This is to enable you to know how and what your customer thinks. More importantly, we take into consideration the social media channels that are effective to be used for your campaign. By this, we also do a background check about your target audience and align our marketing approach to achieve gratifying results.

Discussion Stategy

It is important to be knowledgeable on what specific actions a company wants to pursue when it comes to maximizing the power of the Internet, in order to attain such respectable results. With this, it is important that strategies like doing SEO should be performed knowing that search engines such as Google, are also looking into a company’s social engagement as a factor for rankings. With this, we can help you utilize your social media presence to create lasting results!

Active Engagement

Your target audience knows about the big names in the world of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like. We can help you make your brand as the instant go-to that can give solutions whenever your customer needs help. With an active engagement towards your clients, it will not only create loyalty and consistency, but it will also increase your ROI through client feedback's, which becomes a natural marketing strategy.

Reporting and Evaluation

Checking your insights for measurement is always an important element in any kind of marketing strategy. In this case, getting your social media insights is like a make-or-break information that will help you conclude on what to do next. We use specific analytics tools in order to measure results and evaluate them according to the performance of the campaign and your brand marketing efforts.

Social Media Management Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Which social channel should I use?

To answer this question, our people will conduct a social audit first to determine your current presence and performance. After a thorough analysis, we will recommend the most appropriate channels to use.

What are the benifits of using this platform?

We do not advocate using all social platforms, but we do recommend to be on social platforms that matter to your brand. There should be a good fit–between the nature of the business and the chosen platform. The actual benefits such as increased engagement, more leads, etc. will materialize provided that the campaign is managed correctly.

How do you scedule a social post?

We create social posts by batch, based on the content calendar that clients pre-approved. Depending on the platform also, social posts can be pre-scheduled or updated in real-time.

How do you promote or boosted social post?

We set up social ads directly through the post to capture the highest levels of engagement possible. More advanced ads are set up through the channel’s advertising dashboard. Each social platform has a unique dashboard.

How can you drive traffic to my page?

We treat social pages and websites as entities that exist synergistically. Part of the social pages’ branding is putting all the relevant brand and website-related information, passing on the value or equity to the site. In a more abstract sense, the volume of engagement on social platforms is social proof that Google uses in vouching for the legitimacy of the website.

What type of results/growth can I expect from a social media campaign?

We can only promise the results based on your social campaign goals. At the very least, you may expect wider reach, valuable exposure, increased visibility, more followers, higher engagement, higher conversion rates, reinforced brand credibility, more leads, and higher sales.

What will the growth give or tell us?

Achieving all this is highly possible. And it only means that your campaign is headed toward one mission: exponential growth in social marketing investment returns. Not to mention, becoming the top-of-mind brand among your target audience.

How soon should I expect results?

Our social team focuses on providing value and quality over quantity. In terms of how soon the results can be expected, it will depend on what results mean to you. If the results you want are the engagement levels, it can be expected in real-time!

Do I have to provide you with the content?

We offer various packages, most of which are inclusive of social content creation. In most cases, you need not provide us with content, although it will undoubtedly help if you will. What our team needs from your is the branding guidelines so we can ensure that all the content we create and post are consistent with your requirements and specifications.

How will you grow my community?

We do it either organically or paid features of each social channel. Again, this will depend on the campaign goals we will set early on in the process. Building an engaged social media community is an ongoing process that requires ensuring that the business is findable on the platform, solving the problems of the followers, listening to the needs of the audience, etc.

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